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Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Benefit can come by teaming up with another today. Becoming aware of the other persons's identity will inspire the enthusiasm of your creative spirit.

Monthly Horoscope
June 2020

There will be a lot going on “behind the scenes” this month, which could make for slow going when it comes to trying to produce tangible results. However, rest assured that your efforts won’t be in vain, as long as you stick to things that were started prior to May 13. It definitely isn’t the month to push forward with a new agenda, but with a little teamwork, you and others may be able to finish what you’ve started.

We’ll experience two Eclipses this month. The first will be a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5. Creative projects could come to fruition around this time, and it will be a good time to remember the activities that bring you joy. When it comes to romance, you could see your situation in a new light. Take note of what you notice around this time, and plan to revisit your feelings next month, when you’ll have astrological support for decision-making.

We’ll be working with two inner planet retrograde cycles this month, which will make it difficult to initiate new beginnings. Venus, planet of love and money, has been traveling retrograde through your 11th house of friendship and community and will continue to do so until June 25. Avoid making new agreements, and instead, focus on existing plans. That said, it will likely be a month to re-negotiate and make a plan B. Stay flexible and open to new information so you can make positive adjustments to your current course of action.

On June 18, Mercury will station retrograde in Cancer, initiating a cycle that will last until July 12. This Mercury retrograde cycle will help you to get in touch with your intuition and inner wisdom. You may discover that you need more self-care than usual to maintain a healthy state-of-mind. If something doesn’t feel right, especially if it feels unsafe, go with your gut and err on the side of being overly cautious this month. Your Sun sign is known for being bold, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to step forward and shine towards the end of next month!

The second Eclipse this month will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 20 or 21, depending on your time zone (check out the time zone converter on in the Moon Box on the home page). This Eclipse coincides with the Solstice, and the Sun’s ingress into Cancer. Whether you’re experiencing the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere or the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, the astrological energy is the same. 

This Eclipse will signify an energetic shift that ends one cycle and begins something new. However, because we’re in the midst of Venus and Mercury retrograde at the time of this New Moon Eclipse, it could feel like nothing is happening. Stay patient and trust that your intentions will unfold. Re-state important intentions at the next New Moon to give them extra support. 

Leos will be especially supported to release emotional “baggage,” gain greater self-awareness, bring a hidden dream forward, and dedicate time to their self-care.

For special insights from Stephanie Shea revealing June’s overall themes - both the challenges and opportunities of this month - click here.  

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Astrological Events Timeline for 2020


(8 1/2 x 11 size PDF file)
Created by Chief Astrologer Stephanie Shea, this handy timeline includes the major astrological events of 2020 including Eclipses, Retrogrades, Outer Planet Aspects, and Outer Planet and North Node sign changes. Designed to be printed and hung on refrigerators or other places that can be referred to easily, this timeline will help you see the year at a glance and remind you of the important upcoming astrology.


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