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By Stephanie Shea
Virgo (8/23 - 9/23)

Happy birthday, Virgo! The Sun will be in your sign through the 22nd, highlighting your best traits—let yourself shine! Focus on personal goals and make self-care a top priority. Be sure to use your ability to nurture and organize for your own benefit. Your Sun sign is stellar at caring for others, but you’ll need to take some time for yourself this month. With Mercury, your ruling planet, now moving direct, you’ll have all the momentum you need to take the initial steps towards a big-picture goal. Get out your calendar and schedule in time for the activities that inspire you.

This month’s Full Moon in Pisces on the 14th will light up your 7th house of partnership. You’re likely to see an important relationship with clarity. It’s possible that you’ll be gaining insight through the rearview mirror on a relationship from the past or tuning in to the emotional undercurrents of a current partnership. It’s possible that you’ve had a strong intuition about your situation that will be validated around this time. It could feel like a turning point where you experience some healing around relationship issues. Whether you are attached or single, it will be a useful Full Moon to offer yourself some unconditional love.

On the 18th, Saturn will station direct, offering a constructive energy towards romantic relationships and creative projects. Saturn has been retrograde since April 30th of this year, traveling through your 5th house of romance and creativity. During this time, you’ve been focused on the inner work necessary to feel solid in your sense of self so that you can express yourself more confidently. Now is the time to use your creativity to connect with others! You could meet someone around this time who proves to be a reliable collaborator or inspiring mentor. Dedicate yourself to your passion.

The Equinox on September 23rd will mark the Sun’s ingress into Libra. A harmonious energy will encourage fair negotiations and diplomatic communications, especially in relation to finance. Use the power of the Libra New Moon on the 28th to set intentions related to money, business, partnerships, material resources, self-esteem, your personal image, and feeling valued.

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

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