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Daily Horoscope
Saturday, May 25, 2024

You may feel restricted by an over-analytical mind today. Relax, and don't let your fears limit your chances of success.

Monthly Horoscope
May 2024

You’ll have astrological support to get organized for a new project or agreement this month, Virgo. As the month begins, the Sun will be in Taurus in a favorable trine to your Sun. Once you have a handle on what you want to accomplish and where you want to go, you can confidently take some methodical steps forward.

Pluto, planet of transformation, will station retrograde in your 6th house of daily work, health, and wellness on May 2. While Pluto is retrograde between May 2 and October 11, you will have support to strengthen your body and take charge of your daily schedule. The coming months will be a powerful time to consider where you need to stand up for yourself and reclaim your time. 

The New Moon on May 7 will be at 18 degrees of Taurus in a favorable trine to your Sun. If you were born on or around September 11, of any year, or have around 18 degrees Virgo rising, you could feel extra motivated at this New Moon. All Virgo people will be supported to set intentions related to travel, education, and spiritual connection. 

Mercury will be in Aries through May 14, making the first half of the month a good time for any activities that help you with psychological awareness such as therapy or other healing modalities. On May 13, we clear the shadow of Mercury retrograde, which could make it easier to determine what you want and make your needs clear to others. Mercury will be in Taurus starting May 14, setting a determined tone for the second half of the month. If you have anything you need to apply consistent effort towards, wait until after May 14 to get started.

During the first part of the month, both the Sun and Venus will be in Taurus and your 9th house of travel, adventure, and higher education. During these days you could be drawn towards people and activities that help to expand your life experience. The Sun will enter Gemini on May 20, putting an emphasis on business-related connections.Three days later, Venus will enter Gemini on the 23rd, making the final part of May the most powerful time of the month for business and financial dealings.

Mars will be in Aries all month, encouraging you to dig into a task that you might have been avoiding. Intimate relationships are scheduled to heat up under this astrology. Do your best to take things slowly so that you can build a relationship based on more than just immediate passion. 

The Full Moon will be May 23 at 2 degrees Sagittarius in a tense square to your Sun. If you were born on or around August 25 or have around 2 degrees Virgo rising, you'll feel the greatest amount of emotional intensity at this Full Moon. All Virgo people can use the energy of this Full Moon to focus on spiritual connection and cultivating a sense of security. Think about what will make you feel free without compromising your stability.

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Astrological Events Timeline for 2024


Created by Chief Astrologer Stephanie Shea, this handy timeline includes the major astrological events of 2024 including Eclipses, Retrogrades, Outer Planet Aspects, and Outer Planet and North Node sign changes. Designed to be printed and hung on refrigerators or other places that can be referred to easily, this timeline will help you see the year at a glance and remind you of the important upcoming astrology.