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By Stephanie Shea
Scorpio (10/23 -11/22)

Happy birthday, Scorpio! The Sun will be in your sign through the 21st, celebrating your best traits. Others will likely be drawn to your magnetic personality. On the 22nd, The Sun will ingress into Sagittarius and your 2nd house of finance and self-worth. From this date on, pay attention to your budget and avoid being overly-idealistic with your spending. It will be a good time to invest in yourself, and money spent on educational pursuits will likely pay off.

Mercury will be retrograde in your sign through the 20th. This could leave you feeling a bit out of sorts—you could be more pensive and introverted than usual. It’s time to take an inventory of your life and personal goals, especially if you were born November 4th - 20th, of any year.  

The Full Moon on the 12th will be in Taurus and your 7th house of partnership. You’ll gain clarity on a significant relationship, and it’s possible that you or another have been feeling insecure. If conflicts arise, make an effort to demonstrate your solid support for loved ones. 

Meanwhile, the powerful planets of Saturn and Pluto will be forging ahead in your 3rd house of communication and learning. You’ve been exploring your beliefs and personal expression during 2019, and you’re scheduled for more of this in 2020. You can make the most of this time by letting go of any need to pretend you have skills or knowledge that you don’t. People will appreciate your authenticity and willingness to learn. When you step forward to put in the work needed to reach a goal, you’ll connect with others who support your efforts. 

Because we’ll be feeling the effects of Mercury retrograde all month, don’t push yourself to take on new endeavors right now. Work on maintaining the routines and work you have in progress. Be ready for big moves forward at the end of this year.

Saturn and Neptune will be in an exact sextile all month. This favorable aspect will give romantic connections a boost. Loved ones may show they care through practical acts of service. Creative collaborations will be particularly favored.

The New Moon will be November 26th, offering support for your financial goals. We’ll still be in the shadow phase of Mercury retrograde at this New Moon. Realize that it could take until after December 7th for some of your investments of time, energy, and/or money to pay off.

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Thursday, November 21, 2019

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