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Daily Horoscope
Friday, March 01, 2024

A partner may display an unexpected power mode. An extreme reaction could escalate it.

Monthly Horoscope
March 2024

You’ll be feeling in the flow this month, Scorpio. Move new ideas forward before we enter the shadow phase of Mercury retrograde in Aries on March 20. The days through March 8 will be especially good for romantic communications. The 8th through 19th will be the best days for initiating new agreements with others.

The Sun will move into Aries on March 19, signifying the Astrological New Year! You may feel like you are finally getting around to your New Year’s resolutions related to health and your time management. The end of March will be a great time to get new routines established before Mercury stations retrograde April 1. 

The March 10 New Moon will be at 20 degrees of Pisces, in a favorable trine to your Sun. If you were born on or around November 12 of any year, or have around 20 degrees Scorpio rising, you’ll feel the most energized about a new idea around this New Moon. All Scorpio people can use the power of the Pisces New Moon to set intentions related to romantic partnership, parenting, working with children, creative expression, and vacations or leisure time.

Venus will be in Aquarius through March 10, making the first part of the month a good time to focus on home or family matters. It will be a favorable time to host a party or informal gathering in your home. On March 11, Venus will enter Pisces, giving your love life a romantic boost. Those in a committed partnership may feel especially starry-eyed about their partner, while single Scorpios could meet someone who makes them feel extra special. While the energy of Venus in Pisces carries an air of magic, it will be important to keep your feet on the ground and check in with reality.

Mars will be in Aquarius through March 21, making it easier to initiate and follow through with family-related plans. When Mars moves into Pisces March 22, you’ll have extra support for creative projects. The end of the month looks to be a lot of fun for you Scorpio, so much so that you might lose track of your daily responsibilities. Try to get organized in advance so you can allow yourself some time to daydream as the month closes.

We’ll experience a Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees of Libra on March 25, which will activate your subconscious mind and bring issues to light that you may have been hiding from yourself. This Eclipse will be great for gaining clarity on any self-sabotaging behavior that has been holding you back. If relationships have been a challenge recently or in the past, you could gain valuable insight about ways to approach partnership differently in the future.

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Astrological Events Timeline for 2023


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