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By Stephanie Shea
JULY 2017
Sagittarius (11/22 - 12/21)

This month will offer you the opportunity to strengthen your emotional connection with loved ones. With the Sun in Cancer through the 21st, you could be feeling extra sensitive, which can help you to “tune in” to those around you. Your physical and emotional relationships could feel especially intense. The Sun will move into Leo on the 22nd, which will create a romantic vibe. Whether attached or single, love will be in the air, so get out and enjoy yourself! It will be a great month to participate in social activities and network for business or pleasure. You could feel pressured to compromise your principals, however. Remember to stay true to yourself and practice your skills of negotiation to forge agreements that resonate with your sense of integrity.

All Summer, we’re enjoying a favorable Grand Trine that links the North Node in Leo with Saturn and Uranus. The North Node represents the current guiding energy for our planet right now, and when it moved into Leo on May 10th of this year, it opened a special window of time to pursue some of our bigger life goals. We can capitalize on this Grand Trine until the first week of November.

With Saturn in your Sun sign, this month’s astrology is especially potent for you, especially if you were born December 11th - 17th, of any year. This year, Saturn has been sending you life lessons to help you commit to your goals, and at times it could feel as if your commitment is being tested. Fortunately, Saturn is now working in harmony with Uranus and the North Node to encourage forward momentum.  

The Fire Grand Trine is calling for Sagittarians to overcome their fears related to self-expression so they can share their true gifts with the world. This could be a creative talent, personal wisdom, an inspirational way of living, or spiritual knowledge. You may be going through some changes that are forcing you to step outside your comfort zone and learn something new. It’s fantastic timing to work with a mentor or enroll in a course of study. It’s time to acknowledge your passion and release any preconceived ideas about how you “should” proceed. Keep the big picture in mind, and let some of the smaller details unfold in time.

Jupiter in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn this month, which can create tension within groups you’re a part of. This can include friendships, clubs, work, communities, and other types of organizations. Do your best to avoid power struggles. You’re slated to expand your circle of friends and other social connections this year, however, some of the new people you encounter will challenge you. Don’t assume that you should stop associating with these people—you actually may have a lot to learn from them!

You’re becoming more clear about your values, and as you do so, it could feel as if you don’t belong in some of the same groups you’ve been a part of. You may have to let some relationships go, but in some cases, you may just need to re-negotiate your position so that others can better understand you. Don’t be afraid to stand strong in who you are. Your true friends will support your authenticity.

The Full Moon on July 9th will be in Capricorn, which will put the focus on your finances and other resources. An investment in time, effort, or money can pay off now. The Leo New Moon on the 23rd will support intentions related to charitable efforts, romance, international travel, vacations, and tempering arrogance.


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