Moon Phases By Jan Spiller

by Jan Spiller

In astrological cycles involving studies of the Moon, it has become apparent that there are eight distinct phases of the Moon. Each Moon Phase is favorable for some activities and unfavorable for others. It is the Moon Phases that farmers the world over have used for centuries in planting at the proper times to increase the yield of their crops.

By knowing the Phase of the Moon, we can more easily cooperate with the windows of opportunity that are currently open and thus use time to its optimum advantage.


(0-45 degrees / waxing away from the Sun)This is a time best suited to making new beginnings! For the first 48 hours following the time of the New Moon each month, a window of opportunity opens for making wishes that, if written down, come true in the days and months ahead.There is a tremendous amount of enthusiasm in the atmosphere and a feeling of Springtime. Indeed, this is a great time to go forward and begin projects that you feel instinctively attracted to initiating. Follow your impulses and let yourself make new starts in areas that are important to you.


(waxing / 45-90 degrees)During this Moon phase, there is a slight ?slowing down? of enthusiasm due to a desire emerging to produce tangible results from the energy being expended. The issue of values enters into the equation and an urge to tie together the data available so that you can utilize current opportunities.There is still plenty of forward motion and this is a great time to continue initiating and progressing forward. This Moon Phase favors gaining more information and the input of others to further your plans.


(waxing / 90-135 degrees)Emotions begin to stir coupled with the recognition that the new beginnings you are making must also increase personal security to be worthwhile over the long haul. This is a time when its appropriate to get in touch with your gut instincts and begin to guide your life more deliberately, with an awareness of using your ?6th sense? as well as your enthusiasm.Obstacles may emerge that require you to reevaluate how to better integrate yourself into your immediate environment.


GIBBOUS Moon Phase
(waxing / 135-180 degreesDistractions from the outside begin pressing into your world. Analysis is favored, reevaluating all the various factors you are dealing with. It?s a time to process information and effectively integrate your aims with the people in your immediate environment.This is a good time for organizing things. This Moon Phase is suited to synthesis: coming up with a practical plan for getting from point A to point B. Adjustment is required.


(180-135 degrees/waning back toward the Sun)

A veil of self-absorption is lifted and suddenly you gain access to an unbiased view of others. This is a rare moment when you can see yourself objectively and become aware of whether or not what you want in your heart is actually beginning to manifest in your life.

Traditionally, the Full Moon phase stirs emotion, and this is because when you ?see? what is happening, you may become upset if you?re experiencing the ?same ole, same ole?- rather than the things you would like. If the Full Moon phase is a disappointment, on the next New Moon its time to take creative action in the direction of your dreams.


(waning / 135-90 degrees)This is a tremendous time of transmutation. All of the prior elements are coming together for a final burst of creative output. You have seen a clear view of your own needs and the posture of significant others. Now the accumulation of that input is leading to a deep, core change within you.In this phase, you will naturally be inclined to seek higher guidance so that you can emerge from this transformation successfully. This Moon Phase favors sharing what you have learned (and are learning) with others.


(waning / 90-45 degrees)The time of reaping is at hand. There is a feeling of completion infused into the atmosphere during this Moon Phase. The opportunity opens to recognize how far you?ve come in various parts of your life. This is not a good time for new beginnings, but rather a reflective period suited to evaluating how you have been using your time and what has been accomplished. Issues of authority may arise.This Moon Phase supports taking responsibility for actively ?tieing up the loose ends? of projects that are already underway.


(waning / 45-0 degrees)This Is a time to rest, reevaluate and reflect… pulling back into yourself to reconnect with inner sources of strength. Now is NOT a time to initiate anything new. It?s a phase suited to spending time with friends and getting in touch with the ?big picture?.A window of opportunity exists for seeing your life objectively and becoming aware of what is important to you. At this point, what are your dreams and aspirations? What larger goals can you aspire to that will bring vitality and excitement into your life? This is a time for resting and gaining inner strength to prepare for a new cycle.

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By knowing the Phase of the Moon, we can more easily cooperate with the windows of opportunity that are currently open and thus use time to its optimum advantage.
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