MOON WOBBLE April 1, 2015 (felt between 3/25 – 4/7/15)

Moon Wobbles stir emotional energy in the atmosphere. Because this Moon Wobble occurs in the sign of ARIES and is conjoining the South Node, habitual self-defeating habits will emerge. This is an excellent opportunity to notice how a tendency toward being overly independent or self-involved actually prevents you from getting what you want.

As a matter of fact, during these days you might feel very fired-up about asserting your desires and getting your way! You might be so focused on yourself that you discount others’ feelings and needs. You could be tempted to make snap judgments about situations or other people and even use anger to try and get your way.

Your best bet is to find healthy ways to “blow off steam” such as physical exercise or creative activities. Notice the patterns that are emerging without taking yourself too seriously. During these days, don’t attempt to make any major decision. If you feel any emotional charge around the issue you are considering, avoid action until after the emotionalism of this cycle has passed. Soothing activities such as a sauna or Jacuzzi, massage, listening to relaxing music – can be helpful as well.

Although everyone will be feeling more emotional during a Moon Wobble cycle, some people are . . . . . Members may login here to read the full column!

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*** Notes on Moon Wobbles ***

Although everyone will be feeling more emotional during a Moon Wobble cycle, some people are more sensitive to – and affected by – the motion of the Moon. If you are “Lunar Attuned” – just keep in mind that although your emotions are stirred up, its not a life or death situation. It is part of the predictable emotional flow of life and this too shall pass.