Moon Wobble . . . . . August 17, 2017 (felt between 8/12/17-8/22/17)

Moon Wobbles stir emotional energy in the atmosphere. Because this Moon Wobble occurs in the sign of Leo and is opposite the South Node, it is likely that people will be feeling overly dramatic.  You may be feeling more self-conscious than usual which could cause you to take things personally.

You could become self-absorbed during this time and lose sight of what those around you might need.  It may seem as if others are not acknowledging your feelings or noticing your efforts.  Realize that other people may be caught up in their own personal dramas.  Practice being gracious and avoid relying on the approval of others to feel good about yourself.

Your best bet will be to focus on having fun!  Keep your interactions with others light and employ your sense of humor.  Participate in activities that bring you joy and reconnect with your inner child.  You will feel renewed when you are able to schedule some free time to simply “play.”

During this Moon Wobble, you may feel frustration when you expect others to applaud your accomplishments.  Having unrealistic expectations can lead to disappointment and misunderstandings.  When you decide to achieve a goal because it makes you happy, you won’t have the need to impress others.  If you find yourself worrying about appearances, bring yourself back to your heart center and experience the bliss of self-expression.

Because Mercury will be simultaneously retrograde, your thinking may be a bit scrambled.  You’re more apt to regress into childish emotions during these days.  Wait until after September 15th, when we’re clear of the Mercury retrograde shadow phase, to take . . . . . Members can READ THE FULL COLUMN here.

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