MOON WOBBLE January 5, 2015 (felt between 12/29 – 1/10/15)

Moon Wobbles stir emotional energy in the atmosphere. Because this particular Moon Wobble occurs in the sign of CAPRICORN, you may feel some tension between your ambitions and home life. You may feel you don’t have enough time or energy to accomplish your goals and take care of yourself and/or your family. Realizations about how you are managing your time can emerge to help you to structure your efforts more efficiently. The more you can feel in charge of how you spend your time, the better.

Because this time period is so charged with emotional energy, it could be difficult to prioritize. Temporarily refrain from taking any action that was not already on your mind prior to December 29th. Reacting to emotional impulses at this time could cause you to make a decision you would later regret.

After January 15th, you?ll be able to think more clearly as you begin to stabilize emotionally. Then when you make a decision, your approach will be less likely to be . . . . .

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*** Notes on Moon Wobbles ***

Although everyone will be feeling more emotional during a Moon Wobble cycle, some people are more sensitive to ? and affected by ? the motion of the Moon. If you are ?Lunar Attuned? ? just keep in mind that although your emotions are stirred up, its not a life or death situation. It is part of the predictable emotional flow of life and this too shall pass.