MOON WOBBLE . . . . . March 12, 2016 (felt between 3/7/16-3/17/16)

Moon Wobbles stir emotional energy in the atmosphere. Because this particular Moon Wobble occurs in the sign of Pisces and opposes the South Node, we may feel some tension between the need to stay “on task” and the need to daydream and allow our creative energy to flow.

We’ll be feeling the need to stick to “the plan” and could feel upset when things don’t work out the way we envisioned. However, any unexpected circumstances can allow us the freedom to re-dream a new path to our goals. The more flexible we can be, the better. It will be important to include structure in our daily lives so that we can feel grounded and secure. But, we’re being asked to open our minds to new ideas and allow ourselves time and space to access our higher wisdom.

Because this time period is so charged with emotional energy, it could be difficult to prioritize. It will be wise to temporarily refrain from taking any action that was not already on our mind prior to March 7th. Reacting to emotional impulses at this time could cause us to make a decision we’ll later regret.

After March 17th, we’ll be able to . . . . . READ THE FULL COLUMN!

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