MOON WOBBLE . . . . . May 19, 2017 (felt between 5/14/17-5/24/17)

Moon Wobbles stir emotional energy in the atmosphere. Because this Moon Wobble will occur in the sign of Taurus and square the Nodal Axis, habitual self-defeating habits will emerge. This moon wobble will provide an excellent opportunity to notice how the tendency to stubbornly cling to the familiar may not be working for you.

During these days, you may have difficulty taking the risks necessary to move forward. Because you’ll be inclined to “play it safe,” you will need to make a conscious decision to pursue a challenge that can help you grow. It may feel tempting to stay within your comfort zone and postpone the discomfort of learning new skills.

Your best bet will be to write out some goals for yourself that involve stretching your capabilities in some way. When you outline your personal challenges on paper and post them in a visible location, you will be more likely to follow through. Take small steps forward and design a reward system for yourself. For example, if you courageously sign up for a class that slightly intimidates you, give yourself time for a pleasurable activity on the way to or from class.

Avoid initiating action and making important decisions, especially related to your long-term goals or finances, until after this emotionally charged moon wobble has passed. Identify what you need to feel secure and establish a strong foundation for yourself. Slowly increase your . . . . .  Members can read the full column here.

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