MOON WOBBLE…. November 29, 2016 (felt between: 11/24/16-12/4/16)

Moon Wobbles stir emotional energy in the atmosphere. Because November’s Moon Wobble occurs in the sign of Sagittarius and is squaring the Nodal Axis, we may feel pressure to have all the answers and to compensate an irrational need to be “right” may emerge.  Debates can become heated and we’re more susceptible to losing track of logic and letting our emotions steer our thinking.

We’re more prone to feel passionately about our beliefs during these days and may think we need to go to extremes to prove our point.  However, the timing is not right for major decisions or new commitments.  It will be wise to wait until after December 4th before implementing plans.  Emotions will be running high, making it difficult to sort through the facts.

During these days, if we find ourselves butting heads with others, we’ll be successful when we pull back and listen to a differing point-of-view.  It’s a good time to “agree to disagree” and resist any urges to impose our beliefs on others.  The energy will promote expanding our knowledge making it a great time to study, research and gather information.  We’ll learn the most when we can keep an open mind and be receptive to different ideas.

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