Motivation Scope

The Secret of Mars in Your Chart
by Jan Spiller



Bernie Sanders

9/8/1941, 12:27 pm at Brooklyn, Kings, NY
Mars in Aries in the Fifth House




Introduction 1
Your personal KEY for SURVIVING – and THRIVING!
How to succesfully assume LEADERSHIP in your own life
Your Sexual Nature
The type of partner you need for full self-expression
The personal TRAP that can SABOTAGE your success
You can recognize it – and AVOID it
How to INITIATE with others in ways that inspire
The SECRET to increasing MOTIVATION
in your life
Your personal path to overcoming bad habits
into a POSITIVE FORCE for creating success
The KEY to what MOTIVATES you
and propels you into ACTION
Activities that joyously INCREASE YOUR ENERGY 9
Conclusion 10



This section of THE SPILLER REPORTS examines the expression of PERSONAL INITIATIVE and SEX in your life based on the Sign and House position of the planet MARS in your natal chart. Aspects to your natal MARS (which give additional information regarding the difficulty or ease of this expression) are not taken into account in this delineation; further knowledge can be gained through a reading with a professional astrologer.

Mars – The God of War

The energy of MARS is a force within each of us that can initiate action and go after what we want. How we direct that force is up to us.

Used constructively it is initiative, courage and the raw energy that propels us into action. It is sexual desire and enjoyment. It is the precious key that gives us the drive to succeed, and motivates us (gives us the courage) to discover different aspects of ourselves in new environments.

Used destructively it becomes anger or rage, a weapon that we use against others. When we use an energetic force in a destructive way there is no end to the battle – and no one ever wins.

Anger used as a defense mechanism is a response to circumstances that we interpret as a threat to our survival. Defensive anger is often historically-based: it reminds us of a person from our past who abused us in some way, or of another situation where we did not feel safe.

This incident may even have happened in our early childhood when we were, if fact, unable to protect ourselves. Because there has been a build up of resentment over time, if something or someone triggers this memory we may over-react with anger that is out of proportion to the current situation. And this response can create distance and prevent us from getting what we want in life.

It is the intention of this report to provide a level of empowering discernment that will allow you to express your MARS energy in positive ways to successfully obtain the desires of your heart.

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Your personal KEY for SURVIVING and THRIVING
How to succesfully assume
LEADERSHIP in your own life


MARS represents the masculine part of ourselves that is directed towards the outside world. It’s placement in your birthchart shows how the power to initiate action, assume leadership, and assert yourself expresses in your life. This includes your level of desire for competition and conquest.

The astrological symbol for MARS well expresses the influence of its energy: a circle, representing completion, with an arrow aimed for action in a specific direction. This is the force that you can count on to do what needs to be done and to weather the storms that come your way. By learning to express the placement of MARS in your birthchart in positive ways, you activate that part of yourself that can assure your survival.

Because your Mars is in the sign of Aries, you have the innate ability to take the leadership in creating your own independent direction. The stimulant that motivates you comes from within – a prompting to rush headlong into a situation with courage and enthusiasm.

If the circumstances begin to “go against your grain” or start compromising the individuality of others, it’s up to YOU to give them (and yourself) the boldness they need to follow their own inner impulses so the vitality of the situation can be restored. Ultimately, your own independent nature is the key to your survival.



Your Sexual Nature
The type of partner you need for full self-expression


Where MARS occurs in your birthchart reveals your sexual characteristics. It is your masculine side that seeks union through activity and conquest. The position of MARS shows the nature of your sexual drive, what you need in order to fully enjoy your sexual experiences, and the type of partner with whom you can create the greatest degree of compatibility in this area.

Because your Mars is in Aries, your sexual nature is intertwined with your sense of independence and, especially in your youth, it can be difficult for you to settle down with one person. Additionally, there is a highly ardent and romantic component to your nature – you want “instant results” rather than working to build a relationship over time.

You like to be in control sexually. You may feel anxious when first meeting a new person, but you experience great exhilaration when you see you’re “getting somewhere in the chase.” In fact, this aspect of the sexual dance is an aphrodisiac for you.

Maintaining your sense of independence and freedom is essential for you. A ‘clingy’ partner or one who seeks to moderate or control your zest for independent action will definitely be a turn off. You need a partner who can respond to your degree of self-reliance by being self sufficient in their own right.

If sex is satisfying for you, your natural desire is to cuddle with your partner for awhile and then move into your own space in bed, and it is important for this need to be respected in order for the relationship to be successful. However, if you are not satisfied sexually or want something more or different, you will want to be held and continue to feel connected to your partner.



The personal TRAP that can SABOTAGE your success
You can recognize it – and AVOID it


When you take the initiative in proposing something that is important to you and others block you, your tendency is to feel defeated and to react defensively. However, it is usually not your DESIRES that others are opposing, but the style you use in presenting them.

For this reason, it’s important to gain an awareness of these personal “traps” you can fall into that can sabotage you and keep you from getting what you want. Knowledge is power, and by coming to understand these patterns you can choose to avoid them.

Because your Mars is in the sign of Aries, you may have a tendency to alienate others by aggressively refusing to accept any demands being placed on you. If you act on the premise that “everyone needs to look out for themselves,” your behavior may appear rash, abrasive, and inconsiderate.

You will lose energy and acceptance if you fiercely maintain your right to absolute independence. And if you use this combative style in presenting your wishes, others are likely to oppose you in getting what you want.



How to INITIATE with others in ways that inspire



Personal initiative (Mars energy) is what helps you to get what you want in life. The challenge is to express this energy in ways that result in bringing about your desires.

It doesn’t work to try and get your way regardless of others. But if you learn to communicate in a manner that allows others to cooperate with you and feel like they are part of your plans, then you can have what you want AND feel supported.

If you present your desires and others seem to oppose you, rather than applying more force, your best bet is to step back and look at the larger picture. This requires the ability to see the other person’s identity as separate from yours. Their opposition may simply be a reflection of their own personal needs and style.

First validate their plan as being correct for them, and then restate what is important to you in the situation. By asking for their assistance, together you may find a solution that will allow both of your needs to be met.

Because your Mars is in Aries, you can interact with others in a constructive manner by using your independence in ways that inspire themto take the initiative. By objectively viewing how you impact other people, you will intuitively know how to be assertive in ways that lead to a feeling of freedom for all concerned. You gain physical energy when you consider others and give them the confidence they need to follow their own destiny.



The SECRET to increasing MOTIVATION
in your life
Your personal path to overcoming bad habits


Appropriate activity builds energy and stamina. However, each of us is motivated by different things – what stimulates you may be very different than what energizes another. Similarly, the path to successfully overcoming bad habits is also different for each of us.

When you are fully expressing your own unique MARS energy by participating in activities that excite you, your strength and endurance naturally increase. This makes it easier for you to rise above those issues that have been personally limiting – either physically or psychologically.

Because your Mars is in Aries, there is a strong vein of independence in your nature that needs to be actively encouraged in order for you to experience a high level of stamina. You need to be able to pursue directions that lead to exercising your initiative at your own speed – participating at work where you see fit, employing your strong sense of self-leadership, and doing your job with a minimum of supervision.

Competition excites you and brings more energy into your life. The urge for conquest will fire you up to reach your goals – whether it’s the “conquest” of gaining a raise at work, or conquering a self-sabotaging habit.

To increase your stamina, you need the freedom to work independently to bring about desired results. Your energy soars when you are in a process that allows you to discover more about yourself by taking the initiative and exercising your autonomy.



into a POSITIVE FORCE for creating success


When you allow angry feelings to erupt, everyone loses – especially you. Angry outbursts usually defeat the results that you want, rather than bringing them about. However, it is possible to work with the power that is activated by your anger and transform it into a positive force.

By consciously using it to create a clear intention of what you want, you can learn to regulate this energy and use it to assert yourself in ways that help you obtain the desires of your heart. Think of it as the difference between an out of control house fire and the controlled heat of the gas stove. The idea is to diffuse the “out of control” quality of anger and use it’s awesome force to your advantage.

The Cause: Because your Mars is in the sign of Aries, you tend to travel through life with a rather ‘short fuse’ in terms of your anger. Fear of losing your identity and independence is what triggers you most often, as you equate this with your personal survival.

Anger erupts when you perceive that someone is not seeing you accurately or is misreading your true identity. When you feel threatened you take the offensive and attack with the anger of a warrior, blasting others with a burst of fiery temper and then – just as quickly – you are over it.

The Cost: You don’t always realize the damage such outbursts do to those around you. Ultimately you are the one who loses, as others begin to withdraw their trust in you. Fearing to trigger your eruptions, they avoid mentioning anything that might “set you off”. They don’t want to draw too close and leave themselves open to your impulsive, fiery reactions.

The Pause: Make up your mind that when anger arises you will remain silent, take a deep breath, and pull back into the comfort zone of your own personal strength. This will allow you to become centered and conscious, and to reconnect with your awareness of the fragility of others.

A New Approach for Success: You need more information about the other person, so become curious. Where is the other person coming from? Why did they behave in a way that set you off? Take the focus off yourself and put it on the other person to gain a better understanding of who they are.

To be effective you need to know how they define themselves and their own limitations. This will show you how to respond appropriately and create a win-win situation. Then, when you take the initiative, you will be taking the other person’s identity into account as well, and your independent spirit will be appreciated.



The KEY to what MOTIVATES you
and propels you into ACTION

Accumulating money is a driving force for one person, but for another it would not be the primary reason to take action. If you do not follow your own personal initiative – that which naturally motivates you as shown by the position of Mars in your birthchart – your life can become lost in “passing time”, buffeted by the energies of those around you.

When you accept the truth of your own being and act in alignment with what deeply inspires you, your energy soars. Then you naturally begin taking the initiative and become the leader of your own life.

Because Mars is located in your 5th. House, what motivates you to act is the urge to express yourself creatively. Your drive to accomplish is connected to your need for artistic, dramatic expression; a creative project can fire you up for weeks!

Children can also be an energizing factor – taking care of their needs or in some way coming to their rescue. When you are involved in pleasurable activities that ignite a sense of fun and play, your vitality soars.

It is to your advantage to be aware of the “big picture” that includes other’s dreams and “ego needs”. Then you can objectively see how to create a positive situation for all concerned, and feel that your creative efforts have been brought to positive fruition.



Activities that joyously INCREASE YOUR ENERGY


Each of us is unique, and different areas naturally stimulate our individual energy. When you are involved in activities suited to your own special nature, your energy soars and you naturally feel excited about life.

Because Mars is in your 5th House, if you need more energy in your life just reconnect with your desire for romance, play and having fun! Take some time to get in touch with what activities bring you the most pleasure.

It may be romantic dinners, dancing, sports, vacations, games, or spending time with children. Does your energy soar when you are involved in some type of creative project such as acting or painting?

When you recognize something that energizes and excites you, plan to regularly participate in that activity. As you spend time in pursuits that bring you pleasure, the tremendous natural energy within you will awaken and be available to bring joy to others and to add vitality to every area of your life.




At times, the feeling of anger can be a “red flag alert” that a person or situation has inappropriately pushed beyond the boundaries of fairness. In this case, anger is a natural and appropriate reaction. When anger is triggered, three pathways emerge as a way of responding: direct combat, appeasement, and collaboration.

The path of direct combat creates a win-lose situation in which only one party emerges the victor. Consequently, both sides stand firm and attempt to annihilate each other – mentally, emotionally and/or physically. Total defeat and destruction of “the enemy” is the goal. This is the path that leads to mob violence and war – classic examples of direct combat.

The path of appeasement is also win-lose in nature, as one party concedes a victory to the other without a fight. The reaction of appeasement stems from the idea that the ‘other side’ has superior physical, mental and/or emotional strength, and direct combat would lead to self-destruction. Therefore one takes a conciliatory approach – anything to soothe the other side and diffuse the conflict. A classic example of this path is the wife of an abusive husband. What is created from choosing this path is an eventual dissolution of personal power and identity, and a growing hatred of “the enemy.”

The path of collaboration is win-win in nature. Coming from a position of personal strength, one seeks to understand the other person and gain clarity regarding the situation. The goal is to propose a path of action that takes the feelings and needs of both sides into account. What is created from choosing this path is an on-going dialogue and cooperation, with solutions based on an awareness of each other’s needs and limits.

In one-on-one human relationships, the path of collaboration is almost always the best choice. In order to work, the intention of both parties must be for an on-going relationship based on mutual respect, understanding and consideration. It requires a willingness to adjust to each other’s needs in a way that is fair.

If these essential criteria are not being honored, one’s personal strength and identity can be maintained by walking away from an unequal relationship. Initiating a “break” gives the other person an opportunity to “step up to the plate” – or it can open the way for someone with more compatible relationship goals to enter the picture.


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