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The Moon’s influence on human destiny has been recognized since ancient times, but its potential for generating positive outcomes has often been ignored until now. In this breakthrough book, astrologer Jan Spiller reveals the secrets of harnessing the Moon?s astonishing power to make your goals a reality!

Not just another astrology book, New Moon Astrology provides practical, step-by-step instructions, based on ancient rites and philosophy as well as Jan Spiller?s own vast astrological experience, in framing your wishes in any area- love, career, family, or health.

On New Moon Power Days, your desires become incantations with amazing focus and strength. Using the special Moon chart included here, you’ll be able to express your wishes during a “magic moment” a personal power period in the astrological cycle setting forces in motion that transform your desires into reality. To have your Granddaddy Power Period calculated for you, free of charge, click here.

New Moon Astrology is distributed in English throughout the World, and is additionally published in the native languages of the following countries: Japan, Poland, Spain, Estonia, Bulgaria… and most recently in Hungary.
Bantam Books, 2001-312 pages

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