New Moon Monthly Wishes

February’s New Moon is on Monday, February 8, 9:40am – EST.

Each month the NEW MOON offers us a fresh opportunity to take charge of our lives by using the magic present in the atmosphere to help manifest our dreams.  To come true, your wishes must be handwritten on paper, and ten wishes maximum are allowed on each Power Day.

Some New Moon Power Days are more potent than others.  This can occur because of a potent alignment of the planets on that particular day.  Some New Moons are more powerful because of the way the energy of that day affects your personal astrology chart.  Therefore, for best results use EVERY New Moon Power Day.

Since FEBRUARY’s New Moon occurs in the sign of AQUARIUS, this month during the New Moon power period it is especially potent to make wishes in areas ruled by AQUARIUS: having a world view; humor; objectivity; knowledge; going with the Flow.

Sample wishes to gain more knowledge:

“I want correct knowledge coming to me, empowering me to succeed at _______________ “;  “I want to easily find myself viewing my relationship with _________ (name) in a way that shows me how to bring about the results I desire”; “I want to objectively see what is going on in the situation with ______”; “I want to joyfully find myself cooperating with the bigger picture of what is going on”; “I want to easily find myself graciously inviting the help of others”.

AQUARIUS also holds dominion over:  equality and friends:

Sample wishes for making new friends:

“I want to easily find myself participating in those activities that attract happy, healthy friendships”; “I want to easily attract and begin happy friendships with people who can share mutual interests, support and caring”; “I want lots of new friends”; “I want the barriers that keep me from finding happy friendships totally lifted from me”; “I want to easily find myself listening to others in a way that establishes a natural feeling of friendship with them”; “I want to easily find myself relating with all others with an attitude of open friendliness”; “I want to easily find myself creating lasting supportive friendships with people I enjoy”.

© Jan Spiller

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