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If your birthday is in SEPTEMBER, the year 2014 holds an underlying theme of introversion and introspection. It?s a time to go inward and reconsider your values, your philosophy and the deeper truths that your life is based upon.

This year is bringing before you key questions: how do you view your own competency in relating with others and achieving your aims? What behaviors are you acting out that are not to your advantage?

The year of 2014 is supporting your putting aside time to allow yourself to take a look ?inside? to reevaluate and change the notions you are operating from.

You may not have been feeling as socially inclined as you usually do since your attention has been on discovering and developing yourself rather than your focusing on strong interactions with others. Throughout the year of 2014, people born in SEPTEMBER are learning the importance of changing themselves, to change their experiences in the world around them.

Although this theme is operative in the background for the group of everyone born this month, your own PERSONAL pathway in 2014 is determined by the numerological total derived from adding your birth month, day, and the current year.

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