On The Path

During the last week of May and the first three weeks of June, the SUN is traveling through the sign of GEMINI. Gemini rules that part of us that is the conscious mind: that has curiosity, questions, is logical and seeks to understand things rationally before proceeding with action. 
At the beginning of walking The Spiritual Path, some reason is necessary to avoid being mislead by charlatan teachers or teachings. A true Teacher/Teaching is a path that stimulates within you the voice of your own intuition. It is a ‘knowing’ of Truth and ethics that lies dormant within each of us until it begins to awaken and we strengthen it by giving it attention and respect.
After passing through the tests of character and refinement that are part of the Spiritual Path, one’s inner voice of Truth becomes stronger and easier to hear. Ultimately, the true teacher - the guru to be trusted and followed 100% - IS that voice of intuition within each of us.


THE PATH - May written by Jan Spiller

When you start out, if you’re not pure
You better question every word that you hear
Don’t let anyone lead you blind
Check it all out with your mind.
And you cannot trust 100%
So ask questions with your intellect
Check it all out, that’s how you get… FREEDOM!
But one day along the line
You’ll know the answers aren’t within your mind
Then you’re ready to really begin
‘Cause you’ll have turned to your Voice within.
Keep on listening to the Voice in you
And it will grow strong, tell you what to do
And you’ll find that you always knew
What the Truth was from that Voice in you.

You’ll start to trust it 100%
Not question it with your intellect
Listen to it ‘cause that’s how you get... FREEDOM!

Then one day when you’ve reached the end
Of games to play and wanting to win
You’ll have humility and really want to know
Truth and freedom, more than the show.

Now that you’re ready, a Teacher can appear
And you will know them because you’re ready to hear
The Voice within you will give the ok
It recognizes one who knows the way.

Listen deeply, 100%
No more questions from the intellect
Stay open, see if you feel… FREEDOM!
The words spoken will make some sense
If you can feel the Truth, listen to what is said
Don’t let anything take you off the Path
You’re going to get to Freedom at last.

A true Teacher will make you understand
And you’ll feel the Life in you expand
It’s not anything that words can explain
When you’re ready, you’ll be experiencing.

And then you can trust 100%
Not question with your intellect
Follow the Path that’s how you get... FREEDOM!

Trust your own Inner Voice 100%
Don’t question it with your intellect
Listen to it ‘cause that’s how you get... FREEDOM!

© Jan Spiller

These poems were originally song lyrics that gave me the practical advice I needed for successfully traveling on the spiritual path.  I did what the songs said and they - in combination with the objective knowledge of astrology and the help of Enlightened Teachers - have made me free.  I offer this poetry in the spirit of wanting to pass on the gift of these messages to you.