By Jan Spiller

PLUTO in astrology represents the urge for self-mastery and fearlessness – the process of alchemically transforming fear into clear expression in all life situations.

Wherever PLUTO is found in your chart you feel the urge to exert power. However, if you unconsciously use power to try and force your own way, you will end up feel powerless in that area of life, as others will resist you. PLUTO invites us to learn the correct use of personal power – to master each challenge and emerge fearless and effective.

The Sign where your Pluto is located shows an aspect of life in which you naturally feel powerful and have the urge to express yourself.  For instance, if your Pluto is in Cancer, you have a strong impulse to create a home, family, and base of security.  If Pluto is in Leo, the urge for creative self-expression and romance is strong, With Pluto in Virgo, you have a passion for work, health and helping the environment. Since Pluto spends 20 years in a sign it has a generational effect. Its personal effect is shown more clearly by the House Pluto occupies in your birth chart.

The House in which your Pluto is located shows the area of life in which you can overcome your greatest fears by being willing to go through a complete metamorphosis.  For example, if your Pluto is in the 3rd House, you may begin life with some strong and domineering ideas about how life is.  You may seek to overpower others through the force of your intellect (or conversely, disguise your urge for power by hiding your thoughts, for fear of retaliation).

In either case, the best approach is to be open to an influx of new ideas, and to allow this to influence you to change the way you think. This requires a willingness to listen to someone else’s ideas, accepting that these ideas are true for them, and then sharing your own thoughts on the matter without an emotional charge. Learning to have this type of reciprocal, non-threatening exchange of ideas with others will make your life easier and more fulfilling, yet reaching this objective will require taking risks of exposure that may be very frightening for you.

In the process of feeling the fear and doing it anyway – because you inherently know it is ‘right action’- you will go through the test of power and emerge victorious.  You will find that something does ‘die’ but it is not you– it is a fear that had attached itself to you. This is how you gain self-mastery, and this is the promise of Pluto in the House where it resides in your chart. If you do not know the Sign and House position of Pluto when you were born, click here for a copy of your natal birth chart.


transformation, metamorphosis, empowerment,  can be ruthless, rebirth, endings and new beginnings, drastic change, upheaval, the path of terror, coercion, force, compulsion, obsession, absorption, domination, that which is hidden, the transmutation of dark into light, elimination, regeneration, destruction (of good or evil), Right Action, indomitable will, mass movements, excavations, depth, aloneness, and strength.

The CHALLENGE of PLUTO is the conscious process of ceasing to conceal parts of yourself from others – to risk exposing that which you fear, if revealed, would surely mean your psychological death.

The GOAL of PLUTO is to experience total self-mastery and fearlessness in any situation. This can only happen when you accept the process of passing through your personal terror for the sake of taking Right Action. The result is transparency and fearlessness.
PLUTO rules the SIGN of Scorpio

PLUTO spends 20 years in each Sign (Pluto’s orbit is ecliptic, like an egg, and can be anywhere from 12-31 years in a sign of the zodiac. 20 years is the average)

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