PRIOR TO THE TIME when MERCURY goes into retrograde motion on May 18, the opportunity is ripe for action!

Mercury is retrograde from May 18 to June 11, 2015, so between now and May 18, your best use of the time is to take action on mundane tasks that have been on your mind. For example, if there is a medical matter you have been meaning to attend to having a physical, a dental appointment, or another procedure, it’s best to have your appointment prior to May 18 or after June 11, 2015.

Use the days until May 18 to initiate important connections you have been meaning to make: contact a person in charge of an area you wish to advance in, initiate a communication with someone who has been on your mind, begin a project you have felt attracted to involve yourself in.

During a Mercury retrograde cycle (they occur about 3 times each year, approximately 3 months apart), things that are begun most often need to be repeated. For example, if you take your car in for work, most likely you will need to go back to your mechanic to re-fix the problem if he does the work under a Mercury retrograde cycle.

So prior to May 18, initiate as much activity as you can make new starts and handle tasks you have been putting off. Then when the Mercury retrograde cycle takes effect, you can take some time off for reevaluating your life, writing in your journal, or reflecting on new directions you want to go between June 12 and October 4, 2015 (the next retrograde cycle). The Mercury retrograde cycle is also good for refining and completing tasks already begun.

In this way, we can use astrological cycles to our benefit. Advance planning empowers us to use time to our best advantage- going forward when the time for action is ripe, and pulling back and resting when outward action would require needless repeated effort and expenditure of energy.

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