Private Consultations with Astrologer Jan Spiller

A reading of your personal astrology chart will provide an empowering, transforming experience, and key insights into how to achieve victory in your daily life.

Readings are designed to give practical insight into the specific soul path you are walking this lifetime; issues you are currently concerned about; the next step you can take to manifest your dreams; and the meaning and hidden opportunities behind current transits and progressions.

Personal Telephone consultations with Jan may be arranged during the entire year. Jan is available for telephone consultations on Sundays only, anytime after 5pm eastern time. Jan gets booked way in advance. Usually, its a month or two wait time, however sometimes a re-scheduling does occur so if you would need an earlier appointment, please mention that when booking.

Consultations are $500 for 1-1/2 hours. For an additional $10 Jan will be happy to record your consultation on cassette tape and send it to you. The taping of your session is optional and highly recommended. If you are interested in knowing more about a significant other, relationship counseling is available and, upon request, is included in your reading at no extra charge.

YES, I would like to schedule a private cosultation. Jan accepts personal checks and money orders for her private consults. When mailing your payment, you are invited to include a short note about what you would like Jan to cover in your reading, along with any information about you that you would like her to know. Include the following: birth date, birth time, birth place. If you are intersted in a relationship reading, please include the same information for the other person (including birth time if known). Please include your phone number also.

A support team member will get back to you, usually within 48 hrs time to make the final arrangements and get your consult scheduled.

From Jan’s clients

"Thank you for a very insightful personal reading.  I am glad we are incarnate on this planet at the same time!  You gave me so much valuable information and I will strive to use it wisely." -CR

"You did several great Astrological Consultations for me and my partner a long time ago... in 1987 in San Diego.  I've appreciated those readings you gave us very much over the years!" -CR

"I am in communication with Jan for periodic readings... Jan is truly great! " -BF

"Jan's Astrological Insights helped me see that there truly is... a Will to Good in the Universe.  Then, she empowered me with the guidance & encouragement to better navigate my Life in ways that, over the years... have brought me many rewards & joyful experiences.  What a gift to receive... " -TR

"My personal reading with Jan was one of the most profound experiences of my life! help could not have come at a more crucial time, Thank you! " -KK

“Thank you so much for your time, love & support.  You have helped so much in getting my thoughts, plans & actions going in the right direction over the past almost six years … ” -CM

”Thank you for a most entertaining and enlightened reading.   I feel so empowered now that I can hardly wait to receive my tapes to continue the journey…”-JL

“I can’ tell you what a profound impact meeting you has had on my life… " -TK