The Astrology of Success

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A guide to illuminate your inborn gifts for achieving career success and life fulfillment One of the most important journeys in life is finding your calling, a process of identifying and embracing the best career for personal satisfaction and success. As a child, you may have intuitively identified a career path that felt exciting and right. But it’s easy to lose that belief and clarity as you navigate a confusing world. Competing and contradictory advice and expectations from friends, family, and society can make it challenging to identify what you truly want to do in the world, and how to pursue your dreams. In this inspiring, practical, and supportive book, Jan Spiller teaches you how the 10th House ” or Midheaven ” in your astrological chart can shed light on the tools and gifts you have to achieve success in any area of life. When you embrace and express your natural talents, you more easily enlist others in your success, and events fall into place more smoothly.

But more than that, the 10th House shows how you can actualize the part of yourself that seeks a meaningful place in the world, and how to align more closely with your deeper purpose. On all levels “financial, emotional, relational, and spiritual” the 10th House can guide you to fulfillment, authenticity, and success.

You will benefit the most from this book if you have your time of birth. However, if you do not have your birth time, using your Sunrise Chart with the Equal House system will also work with the findings in this book.

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