Unlock Your Potential with the North Node


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Taught by janspiller.com‘s Chief Astrologer, Stephanie Shea, this 3-hour pre-recorded webinar will cover information on the meaning of your North Node’s sign and house placement. Some of the material is extracted from Jan Spiller’s best-selling book, Astrology for the Soul, but Stephanie puts her own spin on it based on her experience working one-on-one with clients. The class will also touch on the North Node through the Houses of a birth chart.

Stephanie is currently completing Jan’s final book about the North Node through the houses, a topic that our website receives many questions about. ***Proceeds from the sale of this class will go directly to the fees required to design, print, publish, and market this book, scheduled to come out in 2025.

No previous astrological knowledge is required but it is helpful if you know the sign and house your North Node is in. The class features a diagram of the houses and an image of the North Node symbol for your reference. Feel free to email Stephanie at stephanieshea.astrology@gmail.com if you have questions about your North Node sign or placement.

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