People with planets in Psychic Houses (Houses 4, 8 and 12) are primarily driven by a desire to uncover the hidden meanings of things. They want to know why things are as they are & to uncover the foundations of life that lead to personal security.

They yearn to understand the unspoken psychology of others, and to understand how the universe works in order to learn how to cooperate with larger, unseen forces. Unless they also have a lot of planets in Life Houses, they are not driven to live life for its own sake & it’s the mysteries that fascinate them.

They can be subject to mood swings and deep feelings. For best psychological health, they need to allow themselves plenty of time alone to decipher the inner meaning of what is going on around them.

They also need to balance this influence by consciously spending time in the area that is the second strongest motivational force for them, as indicated by their chart.


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