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THE SPILLER REPORTS written by Jan Spiller

Relationship Reports:


Written by Jan Spiller

This report, based on where your North Node falls in another person's birth chart, describes the gifts that you are bringing to this person. By becoming aware of the special assistance that you are destined to give them, you can more easily activate the flow of Love in your relationship. As you consciously act to bring them your gifts, they will become more aware of you, and the flow of Love between you will be stimulated.

What goes around, comes around. The more you effectively benefit those around you, the more comes back to you.

You WILL need your partner's birth time, you will NOT need your own birth time to order this report.
Approximately 8 pages, $12.95.



Written by Jan Spiller

When someone is destined to help you develop in a certain area, they will inevitably impact your life and cause you to grow in that area. Sometimes you can feel their loving influence, and sometimes it may feel like you are making these changes as a reaction against them. Either way, their presence in your life will help you to develop the attributes depicted by the position of their North Node in your natal chart.

This report will assist you in seeing why specific individuals are in your life. By being aware, you can allow their influence to help you develop the qualities they were destined to encourage in you.

You WILL need your birth time, you will NOT need your partner's birth time to order this report.
Approximately 8 pages, $14.95.



Written by Jan Spiller

This report reveals how you can help support someone significant in your life on their path of growth and healing. When you support another person in developing a part of themselves they subconsciously WANT to develop, they don't resist you, and in fact are appreciative. The key is to see objectively where the other person needs strength and encouragement, from their point of view.

Once you help another person heal - encourage them to bring out the best in themselves - their own innate potential for wholeness is restored. This benefits you and them. They not only become happier within themselves, they become more loving with you.

You will NOT need your partner's birth time to order this report.
Approximately 8 pages, $12.95.



Written by Jan Spiller

This report reveals the purpose behind a relationship - whether with a spouse, co-worker, boss, friend, child or family member. Based on the Nodal placement in a COMPOSITE CHART - a chart of the relationship itself - it briefly summarizes the joys and challenges likely to arise in the relationship, and also points the way to successful conflict resolution.

Most importantly, through the lens of karma, the composite chart is very helpful in seeing the purpose behind the relationship - why the two Souls have come together, and how they can pull together as a team to create magical results.

You will need both birth times to order this report.
Approximately 2-4 pages, $6.95.