Opportunity Scope

Written by: Jan Spiller

The Opportunity Scope – See Into Your Future! The movement of JUPITER through the constellations of the zodiac stimulates your personal birth chart and brings good luck in different areas during each transit.

Timing is everything! Money, love, good health, buying a home … discover where your current “Good Luck” resides so you can seize opportunities as they arise. Get this report…

You will need your birth time to order this report.

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I appreciated the recommendation to choose one or two of the areas for personal growth and expansion. That simplified things for me as I have been having health challenges and making decisions in my approach to healing.  Thank you for the fine tuning of the Jupiter transit! I am ready for the next one but will enjoy this one to the fullest.

--Patti, Santa Rosa, CA

I have always felt lucky in various areas of my life, so I could relate well to this astrological report. Being given the specific areas of luck or serendipity to focus on in this period of time 11-29-2014 to 7-24-2015, has been very helpful.

--S.H.M., Phoenix, AZ