Typing your wish helps you to clearly focus on what you want to manifest? it is an act that feeds power to your intention.

Sample wording for various types of wishes are offered below:

ANGELIC REALM: ?I want Divine Intervention clearing my thoughts, showing me the best path of action in the matter of _____?; ?I want the habit of _______ (smoking, depression, procrastination, over-eating, anger, etc) totally lifted from me?; ?I want insights into making my relationship with ________ a success?.

MENTAL REALM: ?I want to easily find my mind OPEN and attracting lots of money to me!?; ?I want to easily find my mind beginning to think positive thoughts that result in a happy mood for me?; ?I want to easily find myself experiencing peace of mind?.

PHYSICAL REALM: ?I want to easily find myself taking those actions that result in ______?; ?I want to attract lots of money in a happy way?; ?I want to experience a happy new romance in my life?; ?I want to find the right car for me at a price I can easily afford?.

IT IS ALSO POSSIBLE to just type in a few words about what you want?perhaps describing the situation?and then tossing your coin into the fountain. For example: ?peace in my home??or, ?attracting a happy romance??or, ?more money?.