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Golden Years Monthly Horoscopes Coming in August!

These monthly horoscopes are written especially for mature adults who are continuing on their path of personal growth and self-improvement. Each month, these horoscopes will provide valuable astrological insights to help gain a new perspective about the life changes that accompany aging. By understanding the planetary cycles during this unique stage of life, these horoscopes will offer validation and encouragement to navigate issues such as grief and loss, physical limitations, love relationships, finding new inspiration at any age, financial issues, family relationships, and housing situations. 

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This is an important month for your personal growth and improving your relationships. If you were born February 2nd - 6th, of any year, you’ll likely feel an emotional shift around the August 7th Lunar Eclipse. A loved one could offer you the perspective you need, but you’ll need to be receptive to their point of view. Keep an open mind about unconventional ideas.

The Leo Sun shines in your 7th house of romance and creativity through August 21st. Enjoy recreational activities with loved ones. On August 22nd, the Sun moves into Virgo and your 8th house of intimacy and shared resources. Use the remaining days of August to organize your finances. It will be especially good timing to pay or collect debts.

This month’s astrology promotes romance and having fun! If single, you could meet someone special, but because Mercury is retrograde from August 12th to September 5th, it isn’t advisable to commit to a new relationship. Don’t let that stop you from socializing and enjoying the company of others, however. Once Mercury is direct next month, you’ll be able to see your relationships more clearly.

During the first days of August, we’ll already be in the “shadow phase” of Mercury retrograde, which encourages wrapping up unfinished business. You may be focused on financial planning. It won’t be good timing to make new investments. Instead, you’ll be supported in efforts to make the most of your current resources. It might be time to give away or sell items you are no longer using.

With Uranus going retrograde this month, your mind may feel busier than usual. Uranus is your ruling planet, making you more sensitive to its effects. This month, you could feel the need to advocate for yourself. You may be feeling angry, especially if you’ve been avoiding a confrontation. Do your best to keep your cool and consider your words carefully. The current astrology will help you to practice standing up for yourself and feeling more empowered, but you’ll need to employ diplomacy for best results.

In the coming months, you may also be inspired to champion for “the underdog.” Explore innovative problem solving methods, but avoid taking drastic action over the next few months. When Uranus stations direct on January 2, 2018, you could be ready to advocate for others on a larger scale.

This month, we’ll experience two Eclipses that offer powerful realizations and the inspiration for new beginnings. The Lunar Eclipse on August 7th activates your 7th house of partnership, as well as your 1st house of self. During the days around this Eclipse, your attention could be focused on a partnership from the past or present. This time period serves as a check-in for anything you began thinking about during the Eclipses that occurred in February of this year. Since then, you’ve been learning how to balance your needs with those of others. Remember that Eclipses heighten the sense of drama in the atmosphere. If you feel overly emotional, wait until a few days after the Eclipse has passed to discuss emotionally charged topics.

On the 21st, a Solar Eclipse in Leo will initiate endings and beginnings related to romantic relationships, platonic friendships, or business partnerships. Because Mercury will be retrograde, focus on resolving the past. You may consider renegotiating an existing partnership or agreement. Avoid entering new partnerships or contracts now, even though you may feel the need for a fresh start. After mid-September, when the Mercury retrograde energy clears, you’ll be supported to initiate new relationships.

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Monthly Horoscope for Golden Years


By Stephanie Shea
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