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Golden Years Monthly Horoscopes Coming in August!

These monthly horoscopes are written especially for mature adults who are continuing on their path of personal growth and self-improvement. Each month, these horoscopes will provide valuable astrological insights to help gain a new perspective about the life changes that accompany aging. By understanding the planetary cycles during this unique stage of life, these horoscopes will offer validation and encouragement to navigate issues such as grief and loss, physical limitations, love relationships, finding new inspiration at any age, financial issues, family relationships, and housing situations. 

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August will be an excellent month to get financial matters in order, and a creative endeavor may prove to be profitable. The Leo Sun is illuminating your 2nd house of money and self-worth through August 21st, which can help you feel more confident and take charge of your resources. On August 22nd, the Sun will move into Virgo, which shifts the focus to your communications. If you’ve been out of touch with anyone you care about, the end of the month is an ideal time to reconnect.

It could be time to have an important conversation with a loved one about an important issue you’ve been avoiding. Hidden information may come to light. There will be an opportunity to connect with a partner or family member on a deep level if you are willing to have an open and honest dialogue. Mercury will be retrograde from August 12th to September 5th. During the first days of August, we’ll already be in the “shadow phase” of this phenomenon, which discourages initiating action. Use this time to gather information and wait to make any big decisions until next month when we’re clear of Mercury Retrograde’s influence.

With Uranus going retrograde this month, you might feel the need for more personal freedom. It’s possible that you feel confined by other people’s expectations. It’s time to consider what you want, without worrying about what others will think. In the coming months, you’ll be gaining a stronger sense of self. You might be ready to step down from certain responsibilities, even if that means releasing some of your authority. This can be especially true if you are nearing retirement and have always defined yourself by the work you do.

This is a pivotal time period for you to reinvent yourself and realize you are much more than a job title. The next few months could feel like a soul searching time period. When Uranus stations direct on January 2, 2018, you’ll likely feel ready to share some of your “new” self with others.

This month, we’ll experience two Eclipses that offer powerful realizations and the inspiration for new beginnings. On August 7th, the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius emphasizes your 8th house of intimacy and shared finance, as well as your 2nd house of finance and self worth. This is a time when you might have to deal with topics that are often difficult to broach with loved ones, including discussions about family finances or wills. Keep in mind that this Eclipse can stir up excessive emotional drama. Take a step back and revisit the topic after the Eclipse has passed if conversations become heated.

On the 21st, a Solar Eclipse in Leo puts the emphasis on your finances and values. Solar Eclipses often promote endings and beginnings. Because Mercury will be retrograde, focus on what you need to release from your life at this time. What material possessions are you holding onto that may be a drain on your resources? Consider what you truly value and downsize accordingly.  By simplifying now, you’ll be ready to free up more of your time and resources during the second half of September, when the Mercury retrograde energy clears.

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Monthly Horoscope for Golden Years


By Stephanie Shea
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