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Golden Years Monthly Horoscopes Coming in August!

These monthly horoscopes are written especially for mature adults who are continuing on their path of personal growth and self-improvement. Each month, these horoscopes will provide valuable astrological insights to help gain a new perspective about the life changes that accompany aging. By understanding the planetary cycles during this unique stage of life, these horoscopes will offer validation and encouragement to navigate issues such as grief and loss, physical limitations, love relationships, finding new inspiration at any age, financial issues, family relationships, and housing situations. 

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The first few weeks of August are an ideal time to gather family and friends in your home. Everyone will be encouraged to take more leisure time while the Leo Sun shines through August 21st, making these days perfect for catching up with some of the busier people in your life. On August 22nd, the Sun moves into Virgo, and you may feel like spending more time alone toward the end of the month.

In general, you may be feeling a push-pull energy all month that has you vacillating between the desire to spend time in public vs. private time at home. You could be seeking a better balance between taking care of others and addressing your own needs.  

Mercury, the planet of communication and information, will be retrograde from August 12th to September 5th. During the first days of August, we’ll already be in the “shadow phase” of this phenomenon, which will discourage initiating action. With Mercury in retrograde through your 5th house of romance, creativity, and children, it will be ideal timing to finish a creative project and reconnect with a loved one.

Just when Uranus has reached the final degrees of Aries, it will station retrograde on August 3rd, prolonging its journey through this sign until mid-May of 2018. At that time, Uranus will enter your Sun Sign, heralding a new era for you that may give your life some surprising plot twists. (However, it will dip back into Aries briefly November 2018 - early March 2019). When Uranus goes retrograde this month, you’ll be awakened to ideas that have been buried in your subconscious.

In the coming months, you could be surprised by the feelings that surface for you - including anger, impatience, and impulsiveness. These emotions are surfacing so you can address an issue that has been ignored for too long. Avoid rash reactions and try to spend some time alone to sort through some of this newfound information within yourself. When Uranus stations direct on January 2, 2018, you’ll be better prepared to take productive steps toward the ideas you’ve been brewing.

This month, we’ll experience two Eclipses that offer powerful realizations and the ability to set healthy boundaries with others. On August 7th, the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius puts the focus on your 10th house of social status and 4th house of home and family. You could gain some public recognition for an accomplishment; but you may need to assert yourself if others are demanding too much of your time. Keep in mind that the Eclipse will intensify the emotional energy in the atmosphere. Exercise extra sensitivity when communicating your needs.

On the 21st, a Solar Eclipse in Leo puts the emphasis on your living situation or relationship with a family member. Solar Eclipses often promote endings and beginnings. Because Mercury will be retrograde, focus on what you need to release from your life at this time. You could be working through issues that stem from early childhood.

This month, you can make the most of the available astrological energies by “cleaning house” both literally and figuratively. Clear your home of clutter, and let go of unhealthy attachments to the past. The work you do now will prepare you for the second half of September, when you’ll be supported to make decisions related to home and family.

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Monthly Horoscope for Golden Years


By Stephanie Shea
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