The SUMMER SOLSTICE is that point that occurs exactly when the Earth’s semi-axis in a given hemisphere is most inclined towards the Sun.  It ushers in the predominance of the energies of the second three signs of the zodiac:  Cancer, Leo and Virgo.

These signs dive into an intense participation in life—the enjoyment of feeling involved in close relationships with others.  Cancer seeks the experience of the nurturing and deep love and support possible with family members.  Leo encourages us to follow our hearts and share relationships with those who trigger our feelings of love.  Virgo encourages us to do things to help those we love have an easier, happier life.

The following three months are well-suited to spending time with those you feel personally close to.  It is a period for enjoying the special relationships in your life as well as allotting time for recreational activities that are pleasurable for you.  Take a vacation, enjoy your favorite hobby, go to the movies, play games and dance!  It’s time to celebrate being alive and to enjoy the pleasure of spending time with those who are close.

During this season, the seeds have been planted and it is not yet time to do the work of harvesting.  It’s a phase suited to taking a break – to relaxing and enjoying your life.  Even in the workplace, take the time to enjoy your relationships with co-workers you feel close to.  The Summer Solstice ushers in a three-month period for appreciating relationships and connecting with people on a personal level.

Best use of this time period:  Be willing to set aside time to spend developing close connections with family members.  These are the people who will always support you just because you are part of the “tribe” of that family.  Follow your heart and allow yourself to have experiences that make you feel happy and loved.  Go out of your way to be helpful to someone you love—perhaps by running an errand, doing a task for them, or helping them to get organized in an area that is difficult for them.

 In both the Summer and Winter solstices, the season change depends upon your hemisphere.  In both hemispheres the progression of the signs of the zodiac – underlying the ambiance in the atmosphere – is identical, so the ritual for maximizing the time periods ahead remains the same.