Core Energy in Your Libra Sun

If you were born with your SUN in LIBRA, you have a talent for bringing harmony to social situations.? Sometimes known as the peacemaker, you are an excellent negotiator and understand how to bring out the best in others.

You enjoy spending most of your time out and about, making connections in the world and participating in group activities.? It?s important for you to take a break, occasionally, to check in with yourself and renew your energy.? You possess a magnetic personality, stylish appearance and appreciation of beauty and for the arts.

Promises of 2015

The year of 2015 promises to continue the theme of change that prevailed in 2014.? You may feel some growing pains that encourage you to transform.? The more you try to hold on to outmoded beliefs and ways of doing things, the bumpier the ride.? This can be especially true for your home and family life as well as partnerships.

Your best bet is to use the available planetary energies to access your inner strength and allow yourself to grow.? It will be helpful to enlist the support of loved ones as you work through letting go of issues from the past.? Lighten your emotional load in 2015, so that you can be free to pursue your passions!? Through August 12th, you will have good luck attracting the right people into your life.

Life Changes and Opportunities Predicted by the Outer Transiting Planets


PLUTO, in Capricorn, continues its square to your Sun this year.? It can be a productive year for therapy or other emotional work.? It?s possible that family dynamics or issues from your childhood are holding you back subconsciously.? Pluto?s energy is encouraging you to look beneath the surface so you can clear out unhealthy patterns or habits.? With conscious effort, you can experience lasting change that makes you feel like a whole new you!

Your primary arena for change has to do with home and family.? This is not only your physical home environment, but also the???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? inner ?frame of reference? you are operating from?your basic beliefs about life, yourself, and other people. ?Libras born October 6-9 will feel the most pressure to transform.? Themes of empowerment, achieving your long-term goals, establishing respectful boundaries and releasing fears will be present.


URANUS, in Aries, will be squaring Pluto and opposing your Libra Sun throughout 2015.? This energy can inspire you to follow your passions and liberate yourself from limiting situations.? It will be important for you pursue activities that make you feel vibrant and alive.? When it comes to relationships, it may be time to liven things up.? If in a committed partnership, it will be helpful to talk to your partner and work together to get out of any ruts.? If single, you may not be eager to settle down, or you could enter a whirlwind romance.

Uranus is calling you to wake up and fully engage in your life.? You are wanting to feel alive again, to feel the vibrancy and joy of living.? It?s a fast moving energy, so you will need to make the effort to step back and avoid being overly impulsive.? Librans born October 6 ? 14 will feel the most desire to break free from their current routines.


SATURN will be in Sagittarius and your 3rd house of communications for most of 2015.? You could be exposed to some new ideas this year.? It?s good timing for taking classes, traveling and seeking the opinions of others.? You?ll also have knowledge to share with others and you may have the ability to express your wisdom through example in your daily interactions.

This is also a good time to become more aware of the words you say to yourself and to others.? Are your words designed to build the positive, lasting results you seek? ?From mid-June to mid-September, Saturn will Retrograde back into Scorpio and your 2nd house.? You may revisit some of the work you did last year dealing with managing your finances, getting out of debt, or solidifying your personal values.


NEPTUNE will continue through Pisces this year and will form a quincunx aspect to your Libra Sun.? It?s a good year for creativity and cultivating a relationship with your Higher Power.? Neptune?s peaceful effect can help you to trust that things are unfolding as they should.? You may need to make some inner adjustments to stay in touch with your idealism and vision for the future.

This can be a helpful transit to temper some of the pressure coming from Pluto and Uranus.? At times, you may feel challenged to believe that everything will work out.? You can access inner feelings of peace and faith through simple daily practices such as prayer and meditation.? Classical music and inspiring poetry can help as well as developing artistic talents.? If you were born September 29 ? Oct 3, you can feel the most inspired and at one with the Universe.


JUPITER will be in Leo, forming a sextile to your Libra Sun through August 11.? This is a lucky transit that can put you in the right place at the right time to make fortunate connections.? The friends and groups you become involved with during this time are likely to have a positive effect on your life.? It will be up to you to put out the energy and work of taking advantage of the opportunities for expansion that come your way.

From August 12 through the end of the year, Jupiter moves into Virgo and your 12th house of spirituality.? This can support you in maintaining your faith on a daily basis.? You?ll have the chance to feel closer than usual to your guides and angels to give you insights, comfort you and help you through life.

How to Maximize the Opportunities?Available to You in 2015

Be receptive to change and ideas from other people.? There are many new and exciting opportunities available to you this year.? It will be important for you to assert your individuality and stay true to yourself.? However, there will be many people around you who can play a supporting role.? Make sure you are not missing out on their help simply because you have to do it your way.

This is the year when your diplomacy and abilities to be a team player will help you to stand out in the crowd.? Freely lend your support to others and you?ll find they reciprocate and want to support you with your advancement.? Be willing to leave the past in the past so that you can be free to move forward, especially in regards to family or your childhood.

Your Best Compass in 2015

Listen to your inner voice and messages from the Universe and/or your Higher Power.? There is valuable information available to you this year.? Taking time out to be by yourself and listen quietly can help point you in the right direction.? Most of the year promotes your natural style of teamwork and collaboration.? You can find others who share your values and support each other in your individual pursuits.

From mid-November to the end of the year, you will be primed to incorporate spiritual practices into your daily life.? The rest of the year can be a time to live your values and lead by example.

Jan?s Advice for Navigating the Year Ahead?

There is no denying the amount of turmoil that has been occurring in our personal lives, our communities, and our world over the past few years.? It is a time of rapid, radical changes that test the very foundations of what we rely on for order in our world.

In 2015 we are just beyond two-thirds through this difficult cycle and it behooves us to take another ?big picture? look at what?s going on.? Astrologically, this period is marked by Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn.? The cycle began in full force in May 2010 and lasts until May 2018.? Because both planets travel periodically in direct and retrograde motion (forward and backward), sometimes the square between these two heavenly bodies becomes closer, more exact, and more tumultuous.? Thus, during this eight year period, there will be times of greater and lesser intensity.? The year ahead, 2015, is one of the years of greater intensity.

To better understand the forces involved, Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn (January 2008-November 2024).? Pluto moves slowly, and whatever sign Pluto travels through goes through total upheaval and transformation.? It is the process of the caterpillar entering into a cocoon and emerging as a butterfly.? Pluto is purging everything that is corrupt and stagnant in Capricorn so that there is opening for a new and more enlightened version of the Capricorn energy to emerge and begin operating.

Capricorn rules systems of order: government, corporations, authority figures, the established social order of things.? As Pluto travels through Capricorn, political, religious, and financial systems that have become outdated ? that no longer serve the people who they rule and for whom they were established ? begin to expose their frailties, crumble and fall.? The good news is that as the old falls, a newer, fresher system for organizing society emerges.? As an example, the United States of America ? the world?s experiment in the system of Democracy (people under the rule of law, rather than the rule of hierarchy- a revolutionary concept at the time) ? was founded in 1776, the last time Pluto traveled through Capricorn.

Social and government systems are based upon the needs of the time.? As the times change, if the systems governing society do not change with the times, stagnancy occurs and a resulting discontent with the established order of things.? The existing governments that no longer serve the needs of the people they are governing are all going through a period of transformation and renewal?the old, stagnant structures are being exposed and purged so that a new order can emerge.? This is the underlying theme.? However, Pluto moves slowly through Capricorn and this metamorphosis is gradual over time… UNLESS something triggers this potent force and disrupts it too radically.

The trigger occurred when Uranus entered Aries and squared Pluto (May 2010-May 2018).? This is what we are all experiencing now.? The war between wanting to be free and having daily life match our vision of the future ? versus ? attachment to the established order of things.??? Because both Aries and Capricorn are Cardinal signs, this conflict is very action-oriented and openly, actively displays the warring between the fierce independence of the drive to express oneself without restrictions ? versus – the principles of protocol and established order.? And Uranus always adds an unsettling, revolutionary element to what?s going on, stirring the pot.

Humankind is always in a state of upward progress.? Simultaneously, it is our nature to prefer the comfort of the status quo.? Thus from time to time an external force intervenes in our lives to wake us up again and inspire us to reach for greater horizons, a more evolved level of living.? This is one of those times: we are in a process of intense change and progress.? As in every area, ?the house gets dirtier before it?s clean?.

The best way to navigate this year is to reach out and seek to create positive results though uniting with others in partnership.? The Team Effort is what will take us through and create a victory in 2015?both on the personal and global level.? We may not have control over the global, but in our personal worlds we can begin practicing the habit of being more tactful in our speech, taking the viewpoint of the other person into account.? We can unite with peers of like mind and work together toward a common goal.? We can behave more lovingly, especially with the people closest to us, thus creating more love in our personal world.

During 2015, attempts to ?go it on our own? are scheduled for less success than when we approach with the strength of a team behind us.? Compromise does not mean losing integrity.? It is recognizing that to be a team, both people?s needs are expressed, heard and taken into account when decisions are made.? If we are pledged to a mutual goal with our teammate(s), an enormous force for good ? as well as joy in our personal lives ? is created.