Core Energy in Your Virgo Sun

If you were born with your SUN in VIRGO, you have a gift for restoring order to chaotic situations.? This may involve cleaning up messes, organizing schedules, attending to important details or fostering a calm state of mind.? When someone wants to regain control of a situation that has gotten ?out of hand,? they often call in a Virgo!? You may be drawn to the healing arts as you enjoy taking care of others.

You take great pride in all that you do and derive joy from a job well done.? Because you set high standards, it?s important that you surround yourself with other Sun Signs who can help you to avoid being overly perfectionistic. ?Harsh self-judgment, of yourself or of others, only holds you back from the feelings of devotion and love that make you happiest.

Promises of 2015

The year of 2015 promises to be a year of expansion and creativity.? While you may be working through challenges in your home and family life, it can be easier for you to make changes and achieve your goals than some of your peers.? You could experience disillusionment about a person or idea you put your faith in.? However, you can use the experience to put more trust in yourself.

You?ll be supported in any artistic endeavors and are likely to experience slow, steady progress on whatever you set your mind and heart on doing.? Romantic relationships can enjoy a stability that allows you to deepen your connection.? If single, it could be the year to find someone who appreciates and celebrates your unique talents.? August 12 through the end of the year is an especially lucky time for you.

Life Changes and Opportunities Predicted by the Outer Transiting Planets


PLUTO in Capricorn will continue to trine your Sun in 2015 lending you the courage and strength you need to reach for your dreams.? It will increase your physical strength as well as mental and emotional prowess, lending you the necessary vitality to bring your plans to completion.? You?re likely to have a ?take charge? attitude and may take a leadership role in creative projects.? You can make the most of Pluto?s energy by committing time and energy towards your passions.? This can be an empowering year that allows you to release any fears of success and really go for it.

You?re likely to get recognized for your dedication and could impress someone in a position to help you meet your goals.? Be open to the opportunities this year has to offer.? All your consistent effort, over time, can really pay off.? Virgos born September 5 ? 8 will experience the greatest transformations.


URANUS will continue its journey through Aries and your solar 8th house.? You may suddenly feel the urge for more individuality, which can change the dynamics of your intimate relationships.? It might be necessary to renegotiate your expectations of each other and change how you may be managing money with another person.? A willingness to make adjustments on your part is called for. It?s a good year to practice asserting yourself in a healthy way.

Uranus is a fast-acting planet and it?s possible to undergo rapid transformation.? While there will be a focus on your freedom and independence, it will be important to consider the feelings of others.? By staying aware of how your decisions may affect those close to you, you will be able to navigate your path with respect.? Virgos born September 5 ? 14 will feel the most influence from Uranus.


NEPTUNE continues to travel through Pisces this year, opposing your Sun.? This transit can help you to access your intuition and prioritize spiritual pursuits.? It?s a great year for creativity and finding messages in your dreams.? However, sometimes Neptune?s effects can cause confusion and you may feel unclear about what you really want.? Deception is also possible.? If you aren?t clear about a ?deal? you are being offered, it may be best to pass on it for the time being.? For your part, avoid any tendency to offer misleading information.? Try to avoid forcing decisions when you are not sure how you feel.

Neptune is encouraging you to slow down and take the time to listen to your heart.? You?ll have the ability to understand what others need and your presence can have a comforting, and even healing effect on them.? Be sure and give the same loving energy back to yourself to prevent feeling drained.? In general, it?s a good idea to get extra sleep and be gentle with your body this year.? Those Virgos born August 29 ? Sept. 2 will feel the strongest effects of Neptune.


SATURN will be in Sagittarius, squaring your Sun, for most of the year.? It?s possible that you will face some challenges in your home and family life.? This transit is encouraging you to think more independently and form your own opinions, even if they differ from family members.? It could be a good time to expand your horizons and get out of the house more.? There is the opportunity to expand your connections to family members, perhaps in other parts of the world.? You may feel drawn to work to form new family traditions that feel more in alignment with your spiritual values.? Virgos born August 24 ? September 4 will feel the strongest effects of Saturn in Sagittarius.

From mid-June to mid-September, Saturn will Retrograde back into Scorpio and sextile your Sun.? The summer may have an easier feel and allow you to feel closer to loved ones.? Any work that you put towards opening up the lines of communication with an intimate partner can pay off during this time.? Virgos born September 21-22 will experience the most benefit to their intimate relationships.


JUPITER will be in Leo, and your 12th house of spirituality, through August 11. This can be a time to open your heart to a Higher Power and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from recognizing that events are unfolding as they should.? From August 12 through the end of the year, lucky Jupiter will be in your Sun Sign!? You can enjoy a flow of positive energy that can bring you the opportunities you desire.? Virgos born August 23-September 16 can expect the greatest gifts from generous Jupiter this year.

How to Maximize the Opportunities?Available to You in 2015

Trust yourself, but be receptive to assistance from others.? As your sense of empowerment increases, use it to further new spiritual goals you see in addition to worldly aims.? You?ll be learning how to assert yourself in a healthy way this year and trust your instincts.

Freedom and individuality are big themes, but it will be valuable to remember the importance of working with others.? For most of the year, the energy will support balanced relationships that respect the needs of all parties involved.? The better you get to know yourself, the more you will be able to collaborate successfully.

Your Best Compass in 2015

Release your fears and open your heart to the opportunities available to you this year.? The more you can let your authentic self shine through, the greater success you?ll experience.

If you speak with tact and gentleness, people will be more receptive to what you have to say.? By the end of the year, from mid-November on, you will feel very tuned in with some of the Universal energies.? You can receive validation that it?s ok to do things your way in your own time.

Jan?s Advice for Navigating the Year Ahead?

There is no denying the amount of turmoil that has been occurring in our personal lives, our communities, and our world over the past few years.? It is a time of rapid, radical changes that test the very foundations of what we rely on for order in our world.

In 2015 we are just beyond two-thirds through this difficult cycle and it behooves us to take another ?big picture? look at what?s going on.? Astrologically, this period is marked by Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn.? The cycle began in full force in May 2010 and lasts until May 2018.? Because both planets travel periodically in direct and retrograde motion (forward and backward), sometimes the square between these two heavenly bodies becomes closer, more exact, and more tumultuous.? Thus, during this eight year period, there will be times of greater and lesser intensity.? The year ahead, 2015, is one of the years of greater intensity.

To better understand the forces involved, Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn (January 2008-November 2024).? Pluto moves slowly, and whatever sign Pluto travels through goes through total upheaval and transformation.? It is the process of the caterpillar entering into a cocoon and emerging as a butterfly.? Pluto is purging everything that is corrupt and stagnant in Capricorn so that there is opening for a new and more enlightened version of the Capricorn energy to emerge and begin operating.

Capricorn rules systems of order: government, corporations, authority figures, the established social order of things.? As Pluto travels through Capricorn, political, religious, and financial systems that have become outdated ? that no longer serve the people who they rule and for whom they were established ? begin to expose their frailties, crumble and fall.? The good news is that as the old falls, a newer, fresher system for organizing society emerges.? As an example, the United States of America ? the world?s experiment in the system of Democracy (people under the rule of law, rather than the rule of hierarchy- a revolutionary concept at the time) ? was founded in 1776, the last time Pluto traveled through Capricorn.

Social and government systems are based upon the needs of the time.? As the times change, if the systems governing society do not change with the times, stagnancy occurs and a resulting discontent with the established order of things.? The existing governments that no longer serve the needs of the people they are governing are all going through a period of transformation and renewal?the old, stagnant structures are being exposed and purged so that a new order can emerge.? This is the underlying theme.? However, Pluto moves slowly through Capricorn and this metamorphosis is gradual over time… UNLESS something triggers this potent force and disrupts it too radically.

The trigger occurred when Uranus entered Aries and squared Pluto (May 2010-May 2018).? This is what we are all experiencing now.? The war between wanting to be free and having daily life match our vision of the future ? versus ? attachment to the established order of things.??? Because both Aries and Capricorn are Cardinal signs, this conflict is very action-oriented and openly, actively displays the warring between the fierce independence of the drive to express oneself without restrictions ? versus – the principles of protocol and established order.? And Uranus always adds an unsettling, revolutionary element to what?s going on, stirring the pot.

Humankind is always in a state of upward progress.? Simultaneously, it is our nature to prefer the comfort of the status quo.? Thus from time to time an external force intervenes in our lives to wake us up again and inspire us to reach for greater horizons, a more evolved level of living.? This is one of those times: we are in a process of intense change and progress.? As in every area, ?the house gets dirtier before it?s clean?.

The best way to navigate this year is to reach out and seek to create positive results though uniting with others in partnership.? The Team Effort is what will take us through and create a victory in 2015?both on the personal and global level.? We may not have control over the global, but in our personal worlds we can begin practicing the habit of being more tactful in our speech, taking the viewpoint of the other person into account.? We can unite with peers of like mind and work together toward a common goal.? We can behave more lovingly, especially with the people closest to us, thus creating more love in our personal world.

During 2015, attempts to ?go it on our own? are scheduled for less success than when we approach with the strength of a team behind us.? Compromise does not mean losing integrity.? It is recognizing that to be a team, both people?s needs are expressed, heard and taken into account when decisions are made.? If we are pledged to a mutual goal with our teammate(s), an enormous force for good ? as well as joy in our personal lives ? is created.