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PLUTO in Astrology

PLUTO in astrology represents the urge for self-mastery and fearlessness – the process of alchemically transforming fear into clear expression in all life situations.

Wherever PLUTO is found in your chart you feel the urge to exert power. However, if you unconsciously use power to try and force your own way, you will end up feel powerless in that area of life, as others will resist you. PLUTO invites us to learn the correct use of personal power – to master each challenge and emerge fearless and effective.

The Sign where your Pluto is located shows an aspect of life in which you naturally feel powerful and have the urge to express yourself.  For instance, if your Pluto is in Cancer, you have a strong impulse to create a home, family, and base of security.  If Pluto is in Leo, the urge for creative self-expression and romance is strong, With Pluto in Virgo, you have a passion for work, health and helping the environment. Since Pluto spends 20 years in a sign it has a generational effect. Its personal effect is shown more clearly by the House Pluto occupies in your birth chart.

The House in which your Pluto is located shows the area of life in which you can overcome your greatest fears by being willing to go through a complete metamorphosis.  For example, if your Pluto is in the 3rd House, you may begin life with some strong and domineering ideas about how life is.  You may seek to overpower others through the force of your intellect (or conversely, disguise your urge for power by hiding your thoughts, for fear of retaliation).

In either case, the best approach is to be open to an influx of new ideas, and to allow this to influence you to change the way you think. This requires a willingness to listen to someone else’s ideas, accepting that these ideas are true for them, and then sharing your own thoughts on the matter without an emotional charge. Learning to have this type of reciprocal, non-threatening exchange of ideas with others will make your life easier and more fulfilling, yet reaching this objective will require taking risks of exposure that may be very frightening for you.

In the process of feeling the fear and doing it anyway – because you inherently know it is ‘right action’- you will go through the test of power and emerge victorious.  You will find that something does ‘die’ but it is not you– it is a fear that had attached itself to you. This is how you gain self-mastery, and this is the promise of Pluto in the House where it resides in your chart.


transformation, metamorphosis, empowerment,  can be ruthless, rebirth, endings and new beginnings, drastic change, upheaval, the path of terror, coercion, force, compulsion, obsession, absorption, domination, that which is hidden, the transmutation of dark into light, elimination, regeneration, destruction (of good or evil), Right Action, indomitable will, mass movements, excavations, depth, aloneness, and strength.

The CHALLENGE of PLUTO is the conscious process of ceasing to conceal parts of yourself from others – to risk exposing that which you fear, if revealed, would surely mean your psychological death.

The GOAL of PLUTO is to experience total self-mastery and fearlessness in any situation. This can only happen when you accept the process of passing through your personal terror for the sake of taking Right Action. The result is transparency and fearlessness.
PLUTO rules the SIGN of Scorpio

PLUTO spends 20 years in each Sign (Pluto’s orbit is ecliptic, like an egg, and can be anywhere from 12-31 years in a sign of the zodiac. 20 years is the average)

PLUTO’S POWER AND INFLUENCE in your life can be enhanced with the stones Diamond, Opal, Black Onyx, Agate, and Obsidian.

NEPTUNE in Astrology

NEPTUNE in astrology represents the longing to become One with everything in a state of total trust and love.

Wherever NEPTUNE is found in your chart you will not be able to see things clearly, from a realistic/materialistic point of view. It’s like you are wearing rose-colored glasses and see the ideal potential of what could be, rather than the nitty-gritty reality of the current situation. These are also areas in which you can experience bliss and a feeling of Oneness with life.

While Neptune is idealistic, it can also engender areas of self- deception that can prevent us from seeing the possibility of creating the true ideal.  Because Neptune spends 14 years in each Sign, its Sign influence is generational – your peers will be sharing the same idealistic imprint that you do.

The Sign your Neptune is in shows the domain in which you instinctively seek the ideal.  If your Neptune is in the Sign of Libra, you seek a perfect partner and idealistic harmony in your relationships. With Neptune in Sagittarius, you seek your ideal of freedom in life situations.

The HOUSE where your Neptune is located is where you will meet most of your individual challenges and rewards on a personal level. It will show you the area of life in which you are most likely to be wearing ‘rose colored glasses’. You seek your vision of ‘the ideal’ and tend to put matters pertaining to this house on a pedestal.

For example, if your Neptune is located in the 7th House, you will fantasize that your partner will become ‘the ideal’ you seek until one day, when your blinders fall away, you realize who the person really is.  The challenge is to work within the context of ‘what is’ and deal with the other person on a more realistic, practical level.  Then there is the potential for the ideal to be realized as the true inherent strength of the relationship is revealed.  For example, rather than hoping your partner will change to be less cheap with you, you may need to have an honest conversation about how you want the relationship to be in terms of finances for you to continue investing energy into it.


daydreaming, bliss, hypnosis, surrender, compassion, idealism, sensitivity, meditation, bliss, Divine Love, mysticism, awareness of subtle energies, unconditional love, gentleness, prophetic visions, psychic abilities, and Oneness.


illusion/ delusion, fog, confusion, trust issues, escapism (drugs, alcohol, excessive sleeping, addictions), fantasy, confusion, deception, disappointment, and dissolution.

NEPTUNE rules the SIGN of Pisces

NEPTUNE spends 14 years in each Sign

The CHALLENGE of NEPTUNE is to not allow your yearning for the ideal to detract you from the experience of what is really happening in the moment. Be sure you are seeing the reality of the way things are in the situation, and then work on a practical level to create the ideal you seek.

The GOAL of NEPTUNE is enlightenment – the opening of your heart to the experience of ongoing, uninterrupted pleasure and bliss through recognizing that “ALL of this is me”.  The on-going recognition of Oneness with all.

NEPTUNE’S POWER AND INFLUENCE in your life can be enhanced with the stones Moonstone, Clear Quartz, Aquamarine, and Mica.

Uranus in Astrology

URANUS in Astrology

URANUS in astrology represents the urge for awakening – for the intense excitement and freedom of constantly changing perceptions and experiences.

Wherever URANUS is found in your chart you will desire to be totally free and insist on being your own person, without restrictions. You will not buckle under to social constructs or authoritarian ideals in the area ruled by URANUS because following a ‘different drummer’ is what keeps you excited about life. While you need to allow yourself the freedom to be your own person, you will learn that to be different just for ‘shock value’ does not serve you. You will be more satisfied with your life if you keep in mind the bigger picture and allow your uniqueness to shine in a way that benefits others.

The Sign where your Uranus is located shows that area of your life in which you instinctively feel a sense of rebellion.  Because Uranus spends about 7 years in a sign this is also a generational influence, so your peers are simultaneously experiencing this energy. For example, those with Uranus is in Gemini may have different ways of communicating their ideas that don’t fit within mainstream society.  Many of the musical giants that emerged during the 60s communicated their poetry though music rather than in writing.

The generation with Uranus in Libra will have different ideas about marriage, and those born in the group with Uranus in Capricorn (those born 1988-1996) will have unique approaches to doing business and running their organizations.  As they mature, these natives will also be presenting unique ways of governing.

It is the House that Uranus occupies in your birth chart that sets you apart from your peers. It shows the sphere in which you simply insist on being unorthodox.  For example, if Uranus is in your 9th House, your spiritual beliefs and religious convictions will not be mainstream.  They emerge from your own inner sense of ‘Truth’ and what your Guides and Angels (9th House) have shown you since you were a child.  You trust your intuition (9th House) to lead you to the Truth.

If Uranus is in your 1st House, you trust your instincts to guide you.  You are also likely to have a highly magnetic (Uranus) personality (1st House) and will want to have a unique persona.  If Uranus is in your 7th House, you will seek close partnerships that provide stimulation – a chance to awaken and feel alive – and your ideas about marriage will not be mainstream. If you do not know the Sign and House position of Uranus when you were born, click here for a free copy of your natal birth chart.


awakening, innovation, sudden change, the unexpected, enlightenment, desire for vitality, intuition, inventions, scientific approaches, astrology, electricity, advancement, oriented toward the future, eccentricity, need for stimulation and excitement, uniqueness, freedom, impersonal perceptions, genius, revolutionary ideas, and unpredictability.

URANUS rules the SIGN of Aquarius

URANUS spends 7 years in each Sign

The CHALLENGE of URANUS is to be comfortable being “different”, and to become more aware of – and open to – objective perceptions, especially in the area of your life ruled by Uranus. Learn to seek experiences of vitality and excitement in ways that have a constructive purpose and are not erratic, shocking or disruptive.

The GOAL of URANUS is enlightenment – the opening of your mind to the realization that the movie we call life is impersonal.  Reality stands apart from the mind, the body, and the subjective emotions engendered by the movie.

URANUS’ POWER AND INFLUENCE in your life can be enhanced with the stones Tanzanite, Lapis, Azurite, Topaz, and Zincite.

Saturn in Astrology

SATURN in Astrology

SATURN in astrology represents the desire to assume responsibility and to achieve a measure of control over one’s fate.

The position of SATURN in your chart will show you what you most want and most fear. You won’t be able to achieve success easily in this sphere of your life – the benefits won’t be handed to you on a silver platter. However, if you take responsibility for the hard work required for success, the results you create will be much more rewarding on a far deeper level than for others who have not had to go through these challenges.

The Sign where your SATURN is located shows an area of your life where you feel awkward and inhibited.  This is due to an imbalance from past lives – parts of those lives that you neglected in favor of other concerns.  Thus in this life you need to learn how to consciously develop and integrate those attributes in order to create balance within your being.

Since you are not aware of what this natural balance feels like, it may take you awhile to achieve it.  For example, if your Saturn is in Aries, you may over-do the quality of self-assertion and experience unpleasant repercussions as a result.  However, repressing your expressions of self-assertion is also not the answer – it won’t work to not be yourself. So in this lifetime you are learning to re-connect with your inner impulses and allow self-assertion to simply be a spontaneous revelation of who you are and where you stand. Then it will be natural and authentic, and not driven by unnecessary emotional forcefulness.

The House in which your SATURN is located shows the sphere of life in which you can most easily attain great success, although it will take hard work and repeated effort. And through the process of meeting this challenge, you will naturally begin accessing the qualities of the Sign of your Saturn and integrating them into your personality in a balanced way.

For example, if your Saturn is in the sign of Taurus (self-worth and money) in the 7th House (partnerships and one-to-one interactions), working to build a successful marriage will result in a more solid and balanced sense of self-worth.  Likewise, business involving one-on-one connections with others (7th House) will result in a better financial flow (Taurus).

Where ever Saturn appears in your chart you will experience limitations – and the opportunity for great success when you work through the obstacles. SATURN rules the Sign of Capricorn, and it is an interesting observation that the House ruled by Capricorn in your chart shows the area of your life you would most like to experience, and yet is the most difficult for you to master.  It can seem like one obstacle and setback after another with the matters pertaining to this house, and the blinders within your own psyche won’t allow you to unravel the puzzle.

These issues can take a long time to resolve, but you can begin the process by continually taking action in the areas represented by the House in which Saturn resides. If you are persistent, gradually the fetters binding you in the house ruled by Capricorn will begin to unravel and release you, allowing you to experience the success you seek. To discover where Saturn and Capricorn are placed in your chart click here.


inhibitions, setting limits, character imbalances, feelings of awkwardness, life lessons, karma, authority, time, discipline, perseverance, responsibility, self-preservation, patience, endurance, dedicated effort, reliability, setting goals, realism, practicality, respect, and accomplishment.

SATURN rules the SIGN of Capricorn

SATURN spends 2-1/2 years in each Sign

The CHALLENGE of SATURN is to accept that there is an area in life where you feel awkward, and be willing to learn from personal experience how to best express yourself in that area. The goal is to stay in integrity with yourself while letting people know in an appropriate way when they have violated your boundaries.

The GOAL of SATURN is to recognize and value the knowledge and authority you have gained through your personal experiences in overcoming both inner and outer obstacles.

SATURN’S POWER AND INFLUENCE in your life can be enhanced with the metal Lead and the stones Jade, Ruby, Onyx, Cat Eyes, Coral, Fluorite, and Tiger’s eye.

Jupiter in Astrology

JUPITER in Astrology

JUPITER in astrology represents the urge to expand and grow … to resolve the uncertainties of life by connecting with faith in a higher power.

The location of JUPITER in your chart indicates areas of your life where you will experience good luck, worldly abundance, and special protection which comes from ‘higher forces’.  In Astrology, the planet Jupiter is called The Great Benefic, and it shows those spheres of daily living in which you naturally feel lucky, expansive and generous. To find the position of your Jupiter, click here.

The Sign your Jupiter is in will show the area of life in which you feel very comfortable and competent.  For example, if your Jupiter is in Virgo, you will naturally feel comfortable when engaged in work projects or challenges– the idea of hard work doesn’t intimidate you.  With Jupiter in Libra, you feels a natural competence in marriage and partnerships. And Jupiter in Capricorn feels totally comfortable with business and in reaching professional goals.

The House location of your Jupiter shows the specific domain where your Angels are always looking out for you, protecting you, and bringing you good luck.  If your Jupiter is in the 4th House, you will have good luck in things ruled by the 4th House, especially home, family, and real estate.  If your Jupiter is in the 2nd House, you will always have good money karma; somehow the money always shows up when you really need it.  With Jupiter in the 12th House, your psyche is strong and you somehow manage to escape from dangerous situations that may have been caused inadvertently due to your naivety.

On a deeper level, the way you tend to approach life in the areas ruled by JUPITER is inherently healthy and correct, so you attract positive results and abundance.  For example, if your Jupiter is in the 2nd House you are naturally lucky with money because you are inherently generous and trust that life will take care of you. Your beliefs and behaviors open you to abundance.


Expansion, personal growth, faith in positive outcomes, good luck, invisible protection, morality, generosity, gratitude, abundance, freedom, truth, wisdom, man-made laws (society, religion), the higher mind, higher education, solutions, largeness, optimism, hope, cheerfulness, spiritual seeking, engaging in excess, and grandiosity.

JUPITER Rules the SIGN of Sagittarius

JUPITER spends 1 year in each Sign

The CHALLENGE of JUPITER is to not indulge in excess or be careless, but to remain modest, sensible and grateful even in the midst of good luck and easy success.  In this way you remain open to having more abundance flow into your life. For example, with Jupiter in the 2nd House you may have a tendency to be careless with money. This can lead to not having the financial abundance that is one’s birthright.

The GOAL of JUPITER is understanding and trusting that, regardless of events, a higher power is working out a plan that will ultimately be in your best interest.  Jupiter rules growth, and if you are willing to cooperate with circumstances and grow on a personal level to overcome adversity, you will realize your highest potential.  Jupiter also represents the Spiritual Path– the quest for peace of mind and self-realization.

JUPITER’S POWER AND INFLUENCE in your life can be enhanced with the metal Tin and the stones Turquoise, Amber, Citrine, Zircon, and Amethyst.

Mars in Astrology

MARS in Astrology

MARS in astrology represents the urge for action and conquest – to go after what we want and obtain it though our own efforts.

Wherever MARS is found in your birth chart will show your style of self-assertion, what makes you angry or defensive, the way you take the initiative, how you enjoy spending your energy, as well as your sexual style.

The Sign where your Mars is located shows your style of initiating activities with others.  For example, if your Mars is in Virgo, you will likely come up with a plan for action.  If you have Mars in Leo, you will probably present your ideas to others with enthusiasm and a feeling of fun that they are likely to go along with.  Mars in Gemini will show the logic of going in a desired direction and want to engage in a conversation before setting course.

If the location of Mars in one person’s chart is in the same Sign as another person’s Venus, it is an aphrodisiac for both of them!  Even in business this is a good combination, since when one person initiates a plan of action (Mars) the other person is naturally receptive (Venus).  This is also true of other harmonious aspects between the two planets.  If you do not know the location of your Mars, click here for a free copy of your birth chart.

The House where your Mars is located shows what it is in life that most motivates you.  These are the activities that spur you to energetic action!  Mars is raw energy.  If you need more energy, spend time in activities shown by the House where your Mars is located.  For example, if Mars is in your 5th House, children and creative projects energize you to take action and create results.  With Mars in your 2nd House, it will be money that motivates you to take a risk and initiate action.

If your Mars is located in the 6th House, the idea of “getting the job done” spurs you to action!  Conversely, if your Mars is located in the 12th House, you are motivated by your own personal vision or private dream.  If you feel that doing something is ‘Right Action’ you will move forward with lots of energy and ambition.


initiation, courage, assertion, aggression, action, physical energy, sexual energy and style, carelessness, rash behavior, anger, motion, physical exercise, activity, motives, courage, force, competitiveness, combativeness, warrior energy, strength, impatience, instincts, survival, actualizing one’s destiny, athletics, and the drive to succeed.

MARS rules the SIGN of Aries

MARS spends 2 months in each Sign

The CHALLENGE of MARS is to become conscious of the energy of Mars in your life and choose not to use it in ways that are debilitating – through aggression, anger, violence or lust. By purifying this raw energy, it can be harnessed and channeled into the constructive purposes of your choosing.

The GOAL of MARS is to successfully direct your energy toward attaining whatever it is that you personally value.

MARS’ POWER AND INFLUENCE in your life can be enhanced with the metal Iron, and the stones Bloodstone, Red Garnet, and Jasper.

Venus in Astrology

VENUS in Astrology

VENUS in astrology represents the urge to fall in love, to experience pleasure, to accumulate, to be popular and to experience the satisfaction of attraction and fulfillment on a personal level.

The placement of VENUS in your chart will show what inspires the experience of love in your heart, your style of romance, the type of environment you need in order to access your loving feelings, and the way you express your love to others. Because VENUS rules love and money, its location also discloses your basic approach to financial matters. The way VENUS relates to the other planets in your chart shows your natural tendencies to create and experience success – or disappointment – in love relationships.

The Sign where your Venus is located shows your style in affairs of the heart!  For example, if your Venus is in the Sign of Pisces, you like a quiet, gentle atmosphere with candles and lots of romance.  With Venus in Sagittarius, you prefer an outdoor adventure, and when your partner gives you plenty of freedom you feel loved and will love them in return.

The Sign Venus occupies also determines your taste about what is pleasing on a sensual level. For example, when decorating, if your Venus is in Aries you probably prefer a simple, non-cluttered style. And if your Venus is in Cancer, you may like lots of ‘chotskys’ and other sentimental reminders in your environment.

If your partner’s Venus is compatible with yours, it will be easy to decorate your home. If not, there will have to be some give and take in order to create harmony and happiness. One resolution would be to have ‘your room’ decorated exactly to your tastes, and another room totally suited to the tastes of your partner.

The House in which your Venus is located shows the domain where you need to spend time in order to have the deepest experience of love.  For example, if your Venus is in the 9th House, you need to spend time in nature – a walk in the woods or a park – to feel the emotion of love the most deeply.

Ironically, if your Venus is in the 12th House, you need to spend time alone to feel the love of The Infinite pouring into you to help you feel whole and complete and loved to your core. Then you can enjoy the pleasure of sharing love in other areas of your life.


loving and being loved, expressing affection, relationships, social skills, romance, falling in love, beauty (vanity), attractiveness, harmony, cooperation, values, gifts, pleasing others, sharing, gentleness, soothing and being soothed, receptivity, sensory pleasure, money, accumulation, attachment, personal taste, appreciation and devotion.

VENUS rules the SIGNS of Taurus and Libra

VENUS spends 1 month in each Sign

The CHALLENGE of VENUS is to not lose yourself in the pursuit of love or money – establish a healthy balance in your life.

The GOAL of VENUS is to allow yourself the enjoyment of loving and being loved in return, and to expand your ability to experience love and pleasure in healthy and consistent ways.  This includes deliberately spending time in activities indicated by the House in which your Venus is located.  If you do not have this information, click here for a free natal chart.

VENUS’ POWER AND INFLUENCE in your life can be enhanced with the metal Copper, and the stones Rose Quartz, Emerald, Tourmaline, and Malachite.

MERCURY in Astrology

MERCURY in astrology represents the urge to think, understand and communicate… to connect with others on a personal level through the vehicle of the mind

Where MERCURY is found in your chart indicates the way a person’s mind works, the kinds of things they think about, what stimulates their thinking, and how they communicate their thoughts to others. Understanding the style in which another person expresses their ideas can help you to communicate with them more effectively.

For example, if someone’s Mercury is in the Sign of Scorpio, they will be looking behind the other person’s words to see what is motivating them. As they exercise their natural powers of investigation, they enjoy playing detective in various situations in their life.

If their Mercury is in Gemini, they are the perpetual student, interested in learning new information and passing it on to others. They need a lot of mental stimulation to keep them from becoming bored, and naturally gravitate to books and other mental outlets.  Mercury in Cancer thinks a lot about home, family, and security, and their thinking has an emotional overtone.

Mercury in Virgo is constantly analyzing what is happening in their world in an attempt to ‘connect the dots’ or put the pieces of the puzzle together. If someone’s Mercury is in Taurus, they like to think about money and other things that evoke feelings of comfort and stability.

If a person’s Mercury is in Leo, they are going to be a bit dramatic in sharing their thoughts, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t open to other ways of looking at things. With Mercury in Aquarius, the person is going to seem like they already ‘know everything.’ However, they are innately curious and would be open to an idea that could give them a bigger picture of the situation.

The House in which your Mercury is located shows that aspect of life which stimulates your thoughts to the greatest degree and that you most enjoy thinking about.  For instance, if your Mercury is in the 8th House, you are stimulated by seeking the deeper mysteries of life, finding out what makes people tick, and delving behind the superficial appearance of things.  Psychology is a natural field for you.

If your Mercury resides in the 7th House, one-to-one interactions most stimulate your thinking. With your Mercury in the 11th House, working to further a humanitarian cause best vitalizes your thinking, and your friends also help stimulate your mind.

If your Mercury has a 12th House placement, spending time alone clarifies your thinking and subtle subconscious forces give you new ideas for resolving situations in your life.  If you do not yet know the Sign and House position of your Mercury, click here and a free chart will be provided for you.


thoughts, connections, communication, writing, talking, messages, information, logic, reasoning, personal viewpoint, personal filtering of information, books, learning/teaching, wit, the conscious mind, the ability to learn, mentally interpreting the five senses, integration and mental agility.  Mercury is The Mind.

MERCURY rules the SIGNS of Gemini and Virgo

MERCURY spends 20 days in each Sign

The CHALLENGE of MERCURY is to suspend judgment and openly listen to others’ perspectives, rather than just repeating your own ideas to gain acceptance and validation.  By listening, accepting the other person’s point of view as true for them, and then communicating your thoughts, an authentic mental connection can be experienced and enjoyed.

The GOAL of MERCURY is to use the mind as a tool for understanding and connecting with others. By understanding the other person’s way of viewing things, you can form a bond with each person through which you can establish rapport and experience mutual support.

MERCURY’S POWER AND INFLUENCE in your life can be enhanced with the metals Brass and Bronze, and the stones Sapphire, Tourmaline, Hematite, and Amethyst.

The MOON in Astrology

The MOON in astrology represents the longing for emotional fulfillment and nurturing through connection with others on a deep, non-verbal level.

Wherever the MOON is found in your chart, is where you will be most aware of the emotional component of any situation. The position of the MOON reveals how you experience and express your needs for closeness with others. It is the love you need to give and receive from others in order to feel taken care of and secure.  It is in this area of your life that you can satisfy your deepest hunger for emotional completion.

The Sign your Moon is in shows your instinctive reaction to life situations.  The Moon is your self-image on the deepest level, so in spite of your Sun Sign you will likely identify more with the Sign of your Moon.  It includes the subconscious memories of who you were in past lives, how you got along in the world, and the qualities you developed on such a deep level that now they are your instinctive way of responding to life.

The Sign of your Moon also shows your style of nurturing and taking care of those close to you.  It’s instinctive.  Simultaneously, you need people in your environment to give the qualities shown by your Moon back to you so that you can feel nurtured and secure.

For example, if your Moon is in the Sign of Pisces, you instinctively give people the benefit of the doubt.  You love those in your immediate circle unconditionally and, rather than judging, you try to help them with their weaknesses and heal them.  In order to feel nurtured, you need those closest to you to also love you unconditionally and help you when you feel helpless or overwhelmed.

The House where your Moon resides shows the arena of life in which you can find the nurturing you need to feel satisfied in this lifetime.  For example, if your Moon is in the 5th House, you need children, creative projects, or romance to feel emotionally fulfilled.  If it’s in the 12th House, you need time alone, meditation, and peaceful environments to feel emotionally centered and secure. You will also experience many ups and downs in the area of your life shown by the House your Moon occupies.  To discover the Sign and House position of your Moon, click here for a free chart.


moods, non-verbal communications, feelings, subtle perceptions, need for nurturing, the mother, women in general, instinctive responses, intuition, food, caring, empathy, protectiveness, memory, impressions, reflection, sensitivity, ESP, home, deepest needs, the unconscious, tendencies from past lives, ancestry, self-image, attachment, all-encompassing mother love, security/insecurity, and a sense of belonging.

THE MOON rules the SIGN Cancer

THE MOON spends  2-1/4 days in each Sign

The CHALLENGE of the MOON is to grow beyond identifying yourself with changeable emotional states, and to stop expecting other people or external circumstances to be responsible for your inner state of being.  As you spend time in the activities shown by the House where your Moon is located, you gain deeper feelings of satisfaction.

The GOAL of the MOON IS to gain emotional balance and inner security. This opens you to experiencing the satisfaction of experiencing emotionally nurturing interactions with others.

THE MOON’S POWER AND INFLUENCE in your life can be enhanced with the metal Silver, and the stones Moonstone, Sardonyx and Pearls.


The SUN in Astrology

The SUN in astrology represents the urge to BE YOURSELF – the desire to express creativity and leadership through your own special style in the areas that add vitality to your life.

Wherever the SUN is found in your chart, you will feel naturally creative, alive and vibrant!  In this sphere of life you will feel playful and powerful, and have the innate, childlike ability to shine and be yourself. The Sun also shows where you want to be recognized for your natural gifts and talents.

The Sign your Sun is in shows an area of life where you instinctively feel confident; your basic life force and the style in which you express yourself.  For example, if your Sun is in Aries you will simply be who you are and feel you have nothing to hide.  If your Sun is in Scorpio, you will tend to hold back at first, analyze the situation, and then contribute those parts of yourself allow you to maintain your integrity and sense of personal power.

The House where your Sun is located shows what aspect of life most stimulates your vitality and brings out your leadership qualities the place where you really shine!  For example, if your Sun is in the 11th House, working for higher ideals that will benefit humankind energizes you. Working to further a cause you believe in stimulates the creative powers of your Sun sign and helps bring them into expression.  Friends (11th House) are also important for your happiness.

If your Sun is located in the 8th House, business partnerships vitalize you, enhance your creative urges, and prompt you to take a leadership role. Close connections – either a Soul Mate marriage partner or business partner – where you have invested equal resources with the other person, are important for your happiness.  To discover the Sign and House position of The Sun in your birth chart click here.


power, recognition, strength, confidence, pride, natural authority, creative male energy, the father, leadership, inborn talents, natural expression, generosity, popularity, creative passion, radiance, vitality, powers of self-expression, life purpose, and unique contributions to others.

THE SUN rules the SIGN of Leo

THE SUN spends one month in each Sign

The CHALLENGE of the SUN is to use your God-given gift of power wisely and not just as a tool for getting what you want. Consciously expand beyond the desire for recognition of your personal power into using that power to share your light with others.  Then, as you contribute your talents to others, you will find that life will contribute back to you.

The GOAL of the SUN is to simply shine and be your radiant self. Through the process of using your special talents to contribute to others, you enhance their lives and validate your own inherent power.

THE SUN’S POWER AND INFLUENCE in your life can be enhanced with the metal Gold, and the stones Diamond, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz, Amber, Peridot, and Heliodor.



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