JUPITER in Astrology

JUPITER in astrology represents the urge to expand and grow … to resolve the uncertainties of life by connecting with faith in a higher power. The location of JUPITER in your chart indicates areas of your life where you will experience good luck, worldly abundance, and special protection which comes from ‘higher forces’.  In Astrology, the planet Jupiter is called The Great Benefic, and it shows those spheres of daily living in which you naturally feel lucky, expansive and generous. To find the position of your Jupiter, click here. The Sign your Jupiter is in will show the area of life in which you feel very comfortable and competent.  For example, if your Jupiter is in Virgo, you will naturally feel comfortable when engaged in work projects or challenges-- the idea of hard work doesn’t intimidate you.  With Jupiter in Libra, you feels a natural competence in marriage and partnerships. [...]