NEPTUNE in Astrology

NEPTUNE in astrology represents the longing to become One with everything in a state of total trust and love. Wherever NEPTUNE is found in your chart you will not be able to see things clearly, from a realistic/materialistic point of view. It’s like you are wearing rose-colored glasses and see the ideal potential of what could be, rather than the nitty-gritty reality of the current situation. These are also areas in which you can experience bliss and a feeling of Oneness with life. While Neptune is idealistic, it can also engender areas of self- deception that can prevent us from seeing the possibility of creating the true ideal.  Because Neptune spends 14 years in each Sign, its Sign influence is generational - your peers will be sharing the same idealistic imprint that you do. The Sign your Neptune is in shows the domain in which you instinctively seek the ideal.  [...]