PLUTO in Astrology

PLUTO in astrology represents the urge for self-mastery and fearlessness - the process of alchemically transforming fear into clear expression in all life situations. Wherever PLUTO is found in your chart you feel the urge to exert power. However, if you unconsciously use power to try and force your own way, you will end up feel powerless in that area of life, as others will resist you. PLUTO invites us to learn the correct use of personal power - to master each challenge and emerge fearless and effective. The Sign where your Pluto is located shows an aspect of life in which you naturally feel powerful and have the urge to express yourself.  For instance, if your Pluto is in Cancer, you have a strong impulse to create a home, family, and base of security.  If Pluto is in Leo, the urge for creative self-expression and romance is strong, With [...]