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The SUN in Astrology

The SUN in astrology represents the urge to BE YOURSELF – the desire to express creativity and leadership through your own special style in the areas that add vitality to your life.

Wherever the SUN is found in your chart, you will feel naturally creative, alive and vibrant!  In this sphere of life you will feel playful and powerful, and have the innate, childlike ability to shine and be yourself. The Sun also shows where you want to be recognized for your natural gifts and talents.

The Sign your Sun is in shows an area of life where you instinctively feel confident; your basic life force and the style in which you express yourself.  For example, if your Sun is in Aries you will simply be who you are and feel you have nothing to hide.  If your Sun is in Scorpio, you will tend to hold back at first, analyze the situation, and then contribute those parts of yourself allow you to maintain your integrity and sense of personal power.

The House where your Sun is located shows what aspect of life most stimulates your vitality and brings out your leadership qualities the place where you really shine!  For example, if your Sun is in the 11th House, working for higher ideals that will benefit humankind energizes you. Working to further a cause you believe in stimulates the creative powers of your Sun sign and helps bring them into expression.  Friends (11th House) are also important for your happiness.

If your Sun is located in the 8th House, business partnerships vitalize you, enhance your creative urges, and prompt you to take a leadership role. Close connections – either a Soul Mate marriage partner or business partner – where you have invested equal resources with the other person, are important for your happiness.  To discover the Sign and House position of The Sun in your birth chart click here.


power, recognition, strength, confidence, pride, natural authority, creative male energy, the father, leadership, inborn talents, natural expression, generosity, popularity, creative passion, radiance, vitality, powers of self-expression, life purpose, and unique contributions to others.

THE SUN rules the SIGN of Leo

THE SUN spends one month in each Sign

The CHALLENGE of the SUN is to use your God-given gift of power wisely and not just as a tool for getting what you want. Consciously expand beyond the desire for recognition of your personal power into using that power to share your light with others.  Then, as you contribute your talents to others, you will find that life will contribute back to you.

The GOAL of the SUN is to simply shine and be your radiant self. Through the process of using your special talents to contribute to others, you enhance their lives and validate your own inherent power.

THE SUN’S POWER AND INFLUENCE in your life can be enhanced with the metal Gold, and the stones Diamond, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz, Amber, Peridot, and Heliodor.



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