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Uranus in Astrology

URANUS in Astrology

URANUS in astrology represents the urge for awakening – for the intense excitement and freedom of constantly changing perceptions and experiences.

Wherever URANUS is found in your chart you will desire to be totally free and insist on being your own person, without restrictions. You will not buckle under to social constructs or authoritarian ideals in the area ruled by URANUS because following a ‘different drummer’ is what keeps you excited about life. While you need to allow yourself the freedom to be your own person, you will learn that to be different just for ‘shock value’ does not serve you. You will be more satisfied with your life if you keep in mind the bigger picture and allow your uniqueness to shine in a way that benefits others.

The Sign where your Uranus is located shows that area of your life in which you instinctively feel a sense of rebellion.  Because Uranus spends about 7 years in a sign this is also a generational influence, so your peers are simultaneously experiencing this energy. For example, those with Uranus is in Gemini may have different ways of communicating their ideas that don’t fit within mainstream society.  Many of the musical giants that emerged during the 60s communicated their poetry though music rather than in writing.

The generation with Uranus in Libra will have different ideas about marriage, and those born in the group with Uranus in Capricorn (those born 1988-1996) will have unique approaches to doing business and running their organizations.  As they mature, these natives will also be presenting unique ways of governing.

It is the House that Uranus occupies in your birth chart that sets you apart from your peers. It shows the sphere in which you simply insist on being unorthodox.  For example, if Uranus is in your 9th House, your spiritual beliefs and religious convictions will not be mainstream.  They emerge from your own inner sense of ‘Truth’ and what your Guides and Angels (9th House) have shown you since you were a child.  You trust your intuition (9th House) to lead you to the Truth.

If Uranus is in your 1st House, you trust your instincts to guide you.  You are also likely to have a highly magnetic (Uranus) personality (1st House) and will want to have a unique persona.  If Uranus is in your 7th House, you will seek close partnerships that provide stimulation – a chance to awaken and feel alive – and your ideas about marriage will not be mainstream. If you do not know the Sign and House position of Uranus when you were born, click here for a free copy of your natal birth chart.


awakening, innovation, sudden change, the unexpected, enlightenment, desire for vitality, intuition, inventions, scientific approaches, astrology, electricity, advancement, oriented toward the future, eccentricity, need for stimulation and excitement, uniqueness, freedom, impersonal perceptions, genius, revolutionary ideas, and unpredictability.

URANUS rules the SIGN of Aquarius

URANUS spends 7 years in each Sign

The CHALLENGE of URANUS is to be comfortable being “different”, and to become more aware of – and open to – objective perceptions, especially in the area of your life ruled by Uranus. Learn to seek experiences of vitality and excitement in ways that have a constructive purpose and are not erratic, shocking or disruptive.

The GOAL of URANUS is enlightenment – the opening of your mind to the realization that the movie we call life is impersonal.  Reality stands apart from the mind, the body, and the subjective emotions engendered by the movie.

URANUS’ POWER AND INFLUENCE in your life can be enhanced with the stones Tanzanite, Lapis, Azurite, Topaz, and Zincite.



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