This lecture reveals how to work with houses 2, 6, and 10 to unlock practical secrets to money, success and goal achievement for yourself and your clients. We each have the power to successfully create our own wealth destiny when we know the route. See the “pointers” to wealth in the natal chart, and capitalize on innate assets to turn them into worldly success. Participants will learn a practical system for assisting their clients in finding the right work and attaining their material goals.


This subject matter is covered in its entirety in Jan Spillers new book: THE ASTROLOGY OF SUCCESS

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Is there a difficult relationship in your life that is at the same time, irresistibly attractive? Why are those around you in your life? Learn how to recognize past life connections, the contracts destined to be fulfilled. This lecture reveals why others are in your life through understanding the nodal aspects between your charts. You will gain keys for helping your clients better understand and navigate existing relationships as well as healing and releasing past attachments.


A complete study guide for understanding past life, soul mate contacts in relationships is found in Jan Spiller’s book: COSMIC LOVE.

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