The Astrological Edge -August 2016

August will open up opportunities to go forward in our lives with energy and discipline. It will provide a chance to complete work projects that we might not otherwise have had the energy to tackle.

Entering Sagittarius on the 2nd Mars is moves toward a conjunction with Saturn in that sign. Consequently, we will no longer feel inclined to be frivolous with our energy, but instead will experience a serious prompting to direct it toward reaching goals. This is the perfect month to tackle cleaning out a closet or garage, to sort through and file paperwork that has been piling up, and to work on other jobs you have been avoided.

Because the Mars-Saturn conjunction will square the Nodal axis, this is a period when a conscious and deliberate use of time will be essential. If we focus, plan for an effective use of our time, and deliberately work toward accomplishing tasks, we will feel a huge sense of accomplishment at month’s end. If we instead allow ourselves to drift, we are likely going to tap into an energy of frustration, helplessness, and anger, which is another, more negative, expression of Mars-Saturn.

Saturn goes direct on the 13th, ending a five-month retrograde that began on March 25. Globally, the influence of Saturn being direct can encourage a more optimistic political climate. It also presents us with challenges and lessons. For example, it will prompt us to curb any impulses toward being careless or speaking too directly and not choosing our words carefully. During the remaining time that Saturn will be traveling through Sagittarius (December 23, 2014, to December 19, 2017), themes of political unrest and religious fanaticism are scheduled to continue to emerge so that they can be addressed and resolved responsibly.

Saturn Direct Encourages Us to Reach Our Full Potential
Once Saturn turns direct, it may be easier for world leaders and other authority figures to shift their focus from what has been going wrong to finding solutions to those problems. Saturn is the planet that is associated with rules. In the sign of Sagittarius, it can help leaders to identify principles and adopt laws that limit careless spending and extremist actions.

The past five months have been useful for prioritizing commitments and letting go of those that didn’t align with our true purpose. Now that Saturn is direct, we will be inspired by the “big picture,” our ideals, and can turn our attention toward what we truly want. Saturn in Sagittarius is encouraging us to expand our horizons, to reach our highest potential, and to release our fear of the unknown. Saturn always adds an ingredient of hard work and responsibility as keys to creating phenomenal success.

We can tap into our faith-both in a higher power and ourselves-to gain the support needed for embarking on exciting, new life adventures. Again, practical planning is the key to success this month.


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