December?s themes can seem contradictory. On the one hand, there is tremendous harmony in the atmosphere; on the other, impatience with the established order and the desire to be independent of it can assert itself and become explosive.

Uranus in Aries turns direct on the 17th. For the past five months, while Uranus was in retrograde motion, we have all been getting more deeply in touch with what independence means to us and with ways to enjoy a greater sense of individuality, while at the same time cooperating with current situations and not radically breaking from them ? thereby forging new paths that allow us to be ourselves without losing the support of existing relationships. This process, having been primarily internal, involved reflecting on ways to be freer within ourselves. When Uranus goes direct on the 17th, the energy will shift from an introverted process of introspection to an outward process of putting into action the insights we have gained.

For example, if we have seen that we need to have more autonomy in our home and family situation, we may come to the realization that putting aside some ?me time? for going to the gym or enjoying a social activity each week will give us the independence we need.

Unfortunately, when Uranus in Aries goes direct, it will be solidly squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Frustration with existing structures that interfere with our sense of personal freedom will again rise to the surface. There will be an internal pressure to take the initiative, assert ourselves, and go in a new direction, but there will also be a fear of being met with resistance from the existing order. Nevertheless, after the 17th, the urge for change will not be denied.

On a personal level, this can mean that we may not want to wait for the appropriate time to make changes. On a global level, this can mean that the energy that has been sparking revolution will reassert itself with new vigor, after being relatively quiet for the past five months.

On a personal level and a global level, the resolution to conflict lies in . . . . .

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Because this month?s New Moon will occur in SAGITTARIUS, at this time you may want to include wishes concerning one or more of the following categories ruled by that sign on your wish list: freedom, adventure, optimism, belief in a Higher Power, trust in positive outcomes, spontaneity, helpfulness to one?s fellow beings, philosophy, religion, intuition, conscience, or ethical behavior.

Sample wishes:
?I want to easily find myself filled with a positive, optimistic outlook in every area of my life?
?I want to easily find myself accepting the help of a Higher Power in directing my life into happy outcomes?
?I want to see my life as a happy adventure?
?I want to easily find myself acting upon the promptings of my intuition and conscience.?

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