The Astrological Edge . . . . . December 2016

This month is marked by retrograde Mercury (December 19 to January 8), a cycle that typically creates delays and puts obstacles in the path of forward movement. This cycle, though frustrating, is actually for our own good. We can use any unexpected down time that results from it to catch our breath and to reconnect with loved ones. If we work strategically, an abundance of opportunity will be available.

As with any retrograde cycle, the timing isn’t right for signing contracts, making major life decisions or purchases, or initiating any endeavors. But this month’s astrological trend does give us an extra-powerful push to restructure, reorganize, and build on past efforts.

Uranus joins with Saturn in a favorable trine, which will be helpful for developing innovative ideas and restructuring outdated systems. Meanwhile, Jupiter will oppose Uranus and square Pluto, encouraging positive changes in the way we relate to others. Our resourcefulness will be put to the test. Those who can think on their feet will be rewarded. December will be a great month to get rid of items and ideas that are holding us back. The Winter Solstice on the 21st will be a fantastic time to reflect on the past year. Many cultures celebrate holidays this month, a wonderful time to share our hopes and dreams with family and friends.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn Continues, Blessing Business Endeavors with Good Luck
A fortuitous Jupiter-Saturn sextile continues to be in orb this month, helping business ventures to enjoy a favorable flow, despite Mercury’s retrograde. It won’t be a good time to initiate new plan, however, though you can expect marked, albeit slow, progress with any businesses where you have been working steadily for some time towards a goal Big opportunities may be introduced at this time, but it’s likely that they won’t actually materialize until early next year. This will be an especially powerful time to follow through on previous commitments and wrap up unfinished projects. Teamwork will prove successful.

Globally, we could see leaders taking steps to fulfill their responsibility to the public. Elected officials may be motivated to make good on their campaign promises and address long-standing problems. Corporations, churches, and other organizations may seek ways to give back to their communities.

On a personal level, we could see rewards for a job well done. It will be important to resist the urge to make new commitments. This month would be better suited to researching our options and being open to new opportunities. It would be best to put off signing on the dotted line until mid-January, if possible.

Jupiter in Libra Squares Pluto in Capricorn: Refine and Solidify Goals
Committed partnerships and collaborations will be supported all month with Jupiter in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect, tightest during the first two weeks of the month, but in effect all month, will be useful for refining big ideas. Compromise will be the name of the game! Worldwide, we may witness agreements being renegotiated to help solidify alliances. Whether in politics or business, we may see opposing sides making concessions in order to hammer out long-term agreements.

Individually, we’ll benefit from claiming personal responsibility for our actions. The Jupiter-Pluto aspect can be helpful for recognizing the effects of our decisions on others. It marks a great time to recommit ourselves to a project or relationship. It could be time to rein in plans that are getting out of control. We can experience success when we are aware of our limitations and set realistic expectations for ourselves.

Jupiter in Libra Opposes Uranus in Aries: Powerful Relationship Breakthroughs
The Jupiter-Uranus opposition will strengthen as December progresses (exact on the 26th). Fast-acting Uranus can bring rapid change to partnerships. Difficult circumstances are likely to have a silver lining, thanks to Jupiter’s lucky influence. This will be a fantastic month for relationship breakthroughs. Partnerships of all kinds (romantic, friendship, or business) can benefit from a fresh infusion of energy that helps break up stalemates. Relationships may need to be restructured in order to eliminate power struggles and create more balance.

On a global level, this could translate into conflicts that instigate peace talks or protests that initiate important conversations among decision-makers. An opposition is not a “quiet” aspect. Instead, it often brings circumstances front and center where they can be addressed. With Uranus in Aries representing personal freedom and individuality, it’s quite possible that civil rights and liberties will be prominent issues.

Personally, we can take charge of relationship matters by speaking up for ourselves and listening to what our friends and partners have to say. Disagreements can be resolved through gaining a stronger understanding of the other person’s point-of-view. This is a good time to remind ourselves of the reasons we . . . . . MEMBERS can read the FULL COLUMN HERE!

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December’s New Moon occurs on the 29th at 1:53 A.M. E.S.T. The first 8 hours, after the New Moon is exact are the most powerful for wishing, but up to 24 hours later will still work. For the exact best times for writing your wishes during any month’s New Moon, check out NEW MOON POWER DAYS within the three days prior to each New Moon.