The Astrological Edge for April

While we may still feel some of the intense energy that was generated last month, there will be significantly calmer energies at work now. With some of the pressure off, we’ll have the opportunity to reflect on our current situation and solidify what we’ve been working on. Practical solutions can become obvious, and it will be easier to keep our focus.

During the first four days of the month, we could still be feeling the emotional charge of the Moon Wobble that occurred on March 31. Because this Moon Wobble occurred in Aries and was conjoined the South Node of the Moon, we’ll be reminded why self-defeating habits will not work for us. In particular, it can become apparent that being overly self-involved actually prevents us from getting what we want and that it will benefit us more to focus on teamwork and fairness.

The Uranus-Pluto square will continue to be in close orb this month, and that will encourage people to seek freedom. Since May 2010, these two planets have been working on a global level to help bring down old, oppressive systems in order to make way for something better and stronger. On a personal level, it is causing people to undergo a transformational process that is helping them to heal old wounds and emerge as a more powerful version of themselves.

Pluto, the planet of healing and transformation, turns retrograde on the 16th (and remains retrograde until September 25), bringing in a period of reflection. We’ll become more clearly aware of why things seem to be changing around us. This can have a calming effect and help us all to release our expectations of how things “should” be. The energy in the atmosphere will support us in relinquishing the status quo in order to make way for change.Pluto can help us to face issues concerning control and taking responsibility for our own entrapments.

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Every month on the day of the NEW MOON, the energy in the atmosphere opens to receive new seeds. For centuries, farmers have used New Moon cycles for planting their crops. We can use the same potent energy for stating our dreams and goals. To use a New Moon POWER DAY, simply write down a maximum of ten wishes or goals that you would like to manifest in your life.

Because this month’s New Moon will occur in ARIES, wishes related to that sign are especially potent: action, independence, initiative, courage, positive fighting spirit, the warrior. The New Moon in Aries each year is especially powerful for new beginnings.

Sample wishes:
  • “I want to easily find myself going in independent directions that are constructive for me”
  • “I want to easily assert myself in a way that leads to others hearing me and wanting me to get my way”
  • “I want courage and positive initiative to enter into every area of my life”
  • “I want to easily find myself taking ACTION in making my dreams come true!”

The month’s New Moon occurs on the 18th at 1:57 P.M. E.S.T. The first 8 hours after the New Moon is exact are the most powerful for wishing, but up to 24 hours later will still work. For the exact best times for writing your wishes during this month’s New Moon, check out within the three days prior to each New Moon.