The Astrological Edge for February 2017


February 2017 Astrological Edge
by Jan Spiller with updates by Stephanie Shea

February will be a high-energy month, defined by both a Lunar and Solar Eclipse that help us to gain clarity and transform. We experience eclipses approximately every six months, and during those times we often receive the information and motivation we need to make a change. Lunar Eclipses can bring emotional issues to the forefront so that they can be acknowledged.

A Lunar Eclipse in Leo on the 10th will make us aware of our creative life force and how it wishes to be expressed. It might be time to come out of the shadows and boldly declare ourselves, announcing what we came here to do! Romantic partnerships may feel a strain around this time, as each person involved is likely to require a little extra room to grow. Ultimately, this eclipse can transform our relationship with ourselves as well as others for the better. But Leo is a sign that can be associated with drama. It will be important to avoid getting carried away with emotional reactions and realize that things will feel less intense once the eclipse has passed.

On the 26th we will experience a Solar Eclipse in Pisces, which can signify the end of a fantasy. We will be called to let go of any illusions we have created to distract us from the truth. This eclipse can help us to access our subconscious and acknowledge ideas we have suppressed. Like the Leo Lunar Eclipse, the Pisces Solar Eclipse also emphasizes our creative gifts. We will be learning how to get out of our own way so that we can channel our inspiration in its most pure form.

This can be a month of spiritual awakening. Pisces energy encourages us to recognize how all living beings are connected and guides us towards universal love. We will have the power to recognize where we have gotten “off track” spiritually and to orient ourselves toward the activities and people who align with our heart and soul. Both the Lunar and Solar Eclipse will serve as catalysts for change, setting the direction of our lives for the next six months.


Retrograde Jupiter Tightens Its Opposition To Uranus: A Time For Personal Growth And Freedom

Jupiter will station retrograde on the 6th, beginning a cycle lasting until June 9. During its retrograde phase, Jupiter’s energy is directed towards people on an individual level, promoting personal growth and development. We may become more aware of our ethics, integrity, and inner truth. It can be a time when we take a moral inventory and reevaluate our personal philosophies.

On a global scale, Jupiter’s retrograde can help to temper some of the explosive energy created by Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus. Instead of looking outside of themselves for solutions, people are more likely to find ways to claim their personal power. The Jupiter-Uranus opposition will tighten this month. However, with Jupiter in retrograde motion, a more contemplative mood will prevail. Hearings, meetings, summits, and other forms of discussion may be productive methods for addressing issues of injustice and human rights.

On a personal level, we will be primed for growth. This will be an excellent time to go back to school or to take dream trip overseas. The Jupiter-Uranus opposition will help us to feel more confident in our authentic selves and to take the necessary steps to fulfill our potential.

Because Jupiter will be retrograde, however, we will be directed to address our own unfinished business. Timing won’t be right for new ventures that involve our material investment or commitment to others. Instead, we can make the most of this powerful energy to replenish our spirit through fulfilling the promises we have made to ourselves.


The Jupiter-Pluto Square Tightens: Accessing Our Inner Power

As Jupiter retrogrades this month, it tightens its square to Pluto. While this is a tense aspect that can manifest challenges, it provides the perfect environment for powerful personal transformation!

Worldwide, we may see history begin to repeat itself; however, instead of making the same mistakes, leaders will have the ability to recognize destructive patterns and learn from the past. This can be a pivotal month to change course on national and global levels. It may be easier to recognize the weaknesses in some long-standing political systems or societal structures.

Though it could seem as if problems are being emphasized, Jupiter’s influence will lend a “silver lining” to any harsh realities being highlighted at this time. More honesty will be demanded from our leaders, and a realistic assessment of problems can help populations feel empowered to make changes.

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