The Astrological Edge for February

Overall, this month’s energies will have a stabilizing effect, though we will still be experiencing tension from the Uranus-Pluto square. Now that Mercury is direct, it may feel like the new year is finally getting underway.

While last month provided the opportunity to resolve past issues, this month is much more supportive of planning for the future and moving forward. With the Sun in the innovative sign Aquarius until the 19th, we will be encouraged to work with others and be open to new ideas. Community-mindedness will prevail to help us consider how our actions may affect others.

The transiting square between Uranus, the planet of revolution, and Pluto, the planet of structure and authority, has been presenting us with the imperative to stand up for ourselves on a global as well as personal level. This square first went into orb in May 2010, and it completed its final exact contact last spring. Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn will continue to square each other tightly this month, though by month’s end the tensions generated by this aspect will begin to ease, as Uranus moves further away from its square to the outermost planet.

The effects of this square can be noted in world events of recent years, including political uprisings in the Ukraine and Middle East, conflicts between police and civilians in the United States, and large-scale protests against socio-economic inequality, such as the Occupy Wall Street movement. Although the Uranus-Pluto square is beginning to separate, its energy will still be felt for the next couple of years. This month, the world may see a continuation of some of the volatile energies this square expressed via political protests and bold activism.

Likewise, on a personal level, we may continue to feel passion for social and political causes. The desire to change existing societal structures may have undergone a resurgence last month when Uranus moved within a degree of squaring Pluto. Those born April 7-8 or January 7-8 are likely to feel the strongest effects of the Uranus-Pluto square this month.

With Mars in Scorpio sextiling Pluto from the 1st to the 9th (exact on the 3rd), we’ll be especially supported astrologically in taking action that initiates positive change within existing governmental structures. The sextile is a favorable angle that can help people find an intelligent use for their energies. Globally, this can help to focus and organize activists and help them to be more effective in working within the system to forge strategic alliances with authority figures. Others may be motivated to rise to positions of authority and empowerment themselves.

Mars in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn will give us plenty of discipline to tackle and complete projects that may have seemed in the past “too big a mountain” to even contemplate. If there is a closet you have been intending to clean out or paperwork you have been wanting to organize, this is the time to do it. . . . . Members can READ MORE here.

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Because this month’s New Moon occurs in Aquarius, you may want to include wishes on your list concerning the following categories that are especially related to that sign: inventive solutions, future-minded thinking, humanitarian attitudes, humor, friendship, and avoiding excessive detachment.

Sample wishes: 

  • “I want to see life in a way that sparks my sense of humor”
  • “I want to be aware of, and act with, good timing”
  • “I want to be more objective in my perceptions regarding __________”
  • “I want to easily gain the knowledge that willempower me to manifest my dream of _________”
  • “I want to easily find myself participating in those activities that attract happy, healthy friendships”
  • “I want to easily attract and begin happy friendships with people with whom I can share mutual interests, support, and caring”; “I want to make lots of new friends”
  • “I want the barriers that keep me from finding happy friendships totally lifted from me.”

For the exact best times for writing your wishes during this month’s New Moon, check out within three days prior to each New Moon