The Astrological Edge for January 2015

As the year begins, there is a tremendous amount of energy in the atmosphere. We will be feeling a powerful drive for independence, which, if unchecked, can derail long-range goals. Consequently, the month calls for caution. It will be best to avoid impulsive moves that don’t take into account the needs of partners.

The square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn that began in June 2012 is currently in orb and on its way toward becoming exact in March of this year. The urge to rebel against existing authority reignites. On an international level, the way these energies are playing out is already obvious, most especially in the struggles that are taking place in the Ukraine and Middle East. On a personal level, unrest translates to questioning whether the structures we have accepted as necessary for practical survival are too inhibiting regarding self-expression.

A square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces is also in orb this month. It stirs up internal conflict concerning our dreams and visions for the future. Some insecurity may be felt as we question our innate optimism and feelings of good luck. The good news is that this powerful aspect is propelling us to manifest our dreams on a practical level. We simply need to remember to be sensible in how we go about doing that. Step-by-step processes are better at this time than bold leaps of faith.

Innovation and & thinking outside the box will be emphasized this month. We will likely be most successful when we are able to let go of preconceived notions about how things should be done. Networking and collaborating with others can maximize the creative energies available. We’ll feel motivated and inspired to take action. Things may not move as quickly as we’d like, however. Be sure to take your partner’s needs into account for best results. It will also be important to take time to review plans and address unfinished business from the past before moving forward.

The Sun in Capricorn through the 19th will be encouraging us to take charge of our lives and to build a solid foundation for the future. This Capricorn energy lends a grounded, steady feeling that will be helpful for maintaining focus. We are likely to turn our minds to professional aspirations and personal achievements and will be evaluating how we present ourselves to others.

On the 4th, Mercury moves into the innovative sign Aquarius. This transit can ignite our desire to explore new ideas and take a different approach to problem solving. The time will be ripe for expressing creativity and mingling with people who can . . . . .

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Every month on the day of the NEW MOON, the energy in the atmosphere opens to receive new seeds. For centuries, farmers have used the New Moon cycles for planting their crops. We can use this same potent energy for planting dreams and goals of what we want to manifest in our lives. To use a New Moon POWER DAY, simply write down a maximum of ten wishes you would like to see manifest in your life.

Because this month’s New Moon occurs in AQUARIUS, wishes related to that sign are especially potent: worldview, humor, objectivity, knowledge, going with the flow, friendship, groups, innovative ideas, altruism.

Sample wishes:
?I want to view life in a way that sparks my sense of humor?
?I want to be aware of, and act on, good timing?
“I want to be more objective in my perceptions regarding _________?
?I want to easily gain the knowledge that will empower me to manifest my dream of _________?
?I want to easily attract and enroll in the right class that will open me to the knowledge I seek?
?I want to easily find myself realigning my thinking in cooperation with my destiny?
?I want right insights that lead to my dream of _________ coming true?
“I want to easily find myself ceasing to take things personally”

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