A happy, family-oriented mood permeates the atmosphere this month—a welcome change, considering the stressful energy that was present up until June 2015. This is definitely a time for de-stressing and enjoying the company of loved ones.

In terms of opportunities to learn and grow, Saturn should provide those. Last month, on the 14th, it retrograded back into Scorpio, where it will be until it enters Sagittarius on September 17. During the next few months, we’ll have the chance to address any unfinished business that was left over from October 2012 to December 2014, which was the last time Saturn was in Scorpio.

In our personal lives, issues will involve refining the ways we interact in our close partnerships, where we combine deeply with others for a purpose that empowers both (like child raising, a joint effort). This could be a business or sexual relationship or a close friendship. Issues involving debt may arise, too.

We’re scheduled to dig into our psyche and to come out of denial and face our hidden fears concerning trusting others in bonded partnerships. In our intimate relationships, we may be working through issues as a way of achieving a deeper emotional connection with loved ones. Despite some potentially controversial revelations, we’ll experience calmer energies during July that will allow us to review our past actions in a thoughtful manner. Those born November 20/21 may feel the strongest effects of Saturn retrograde in Scorpio this month.

Worldwide, we may find the recurrence of national and international issues revolving around intimate partnerships, such as the debate over same-sex marriage and/or awareness about domestic and sexual violence. On a global scale, themes around subversive abuses of power can emerge in the news in the form of financial or sexual scandals. Anything that authority figures tried to cover up during the recent Saturn-in-Scorpio cycle has a likelihood of . . . . .


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Because this month’s New Moon occurs in CANCER, you may want to include some wishes on your list concerning the following categories that are especially related to that sign: identifying and expressing emotions; accessing and using skills of empathy; honoring your moods; self-care; eliminating self-destructive behaviors; improving relationships with your mother or other family members; and attracting your ideal home.

Sample wishes:
“I want to easily find myself experiencing a reciprocal feeling of caring in my relationships with others”
“I want to easily find myself asking for help in a way that is empowering for myself and others; I want to easily attract, recognize, and purchase the right happy home for me”
“I want to attract, work with, and list with the right real estate broker who sells my home easily at a price that makes me happy”
“I want to easily find myself initiating the refinancing of my home at the right time with an institution that gives me a fabulous deal!”

For the exact best times for writing your wishes during this month’s New Moon, check out Wishes for this Month’s New Moon within the three days prior to each New Moon.