The Astrological Edge for June 2017

We’re in the clear to move forward with long-term plans this month! After a spring filled with retrograde activity from both Venus and Mercury, June’s astrology will support decisive action for most of the month. Once Neptune turns retrograde on the 16th, we can gain access to information that has been “behind the curtain” of our subconscious. We will have a chance to meet our hidden desires face to face and see ourselves with the clarity needed to take a courageous step toward our realizing our dreams. We may, however, experience mental confusion in the days surrounding Neptune’s station, so avoid making important decisions between the 14th and 18th.
The high-voltage Saturn-Uranus trine will still be in effect this month, propelling us to work hard for what we want. While there are a few tense aspects at work, this month is likely to seem more relaxed than the first five months of 2017. Jupiter stations direct on 9th, which could help to stimulate business endeavors and economic growth.

Jupiter Stations Direct: Time to Get in The Flow
Jupiter, which has been retrograde since February 6 of this year, will be direct from the 9th of this month until March 8, 2018. During the time it is direct, a natural flow of opportunity and abundance will be available to all. Worldwide, we could see an increase in generosity and economic activity. Because Jupiter is loosely squaring Pluto this month, we could witness a clash between idealism and existing societal structures.

Now that Jupiter is direct, people will be likely to put their philosophies into action. With Jupiter in Libra, partnership and collaboration will be especially favored. We can expect to see evidence that two heads are better than one when it comes to problem solving and maximizing resources.

We can also benefit personally by teaming up with others. The timing will be excellent for negotiations and joint ventures. We are likely to find the most success when we are able to pursue goals that create win-win situations for all involved. This may mean compromising some of what we want for ourselves. The more we can let go of rigid ideas and stay open to other points of view, the better.

Jupiter-Neptune Quincunx: A Spiritual Awakening
A tight quincunx between Jupiter and Neptune will continue all month. Quincunxes are considered tense aspects and often point to the areas of disconnect in our lives. With Jupiter and Neptune both being planets of spirituality, this aspect can help us awaken to the need to connect with our Higher Power.

When channeled positively, this quincunx can help people worldwide to recognize if they are spiritually off path. However, Neptune often lends a confusing energy that can make it difficult to see the truth, while Jupiter can contribute to overly idealistic thinking and zealotry. It will be important for religious and world leaders to emphasize peaceful practices, as this aspect can elevate emotions and prompt irrational actions. Mars in Cancer will trine Neptune, in effect during the last two weeks of the month and exact on the 26th, which will add pressure to this quincunx and act as a stirring stick for conflict.

Personally, we are more apt to seek absolutes and final answers to our problems. We will be more susceptible than usual to those who try to hand us ready-made solutions. We must avoid anyone who offers assistance that would require us to relinquish our personal power. Instead, we can empower ourselves by using the available energy to meditate on our inner truth. It is likely that we will be ripe for a spiritual awakening, but we would be wise to look within ourselves for the answers first. Those who truly want to support us on our spiritual path will uplift us and encourage our independent thinking.

Neptune Retrograde: Our Hidden Dreams Revealed
Neptune will station retrograde on the 16th, initiating a cycle that will continue until November 22 of this year. During the months that Neptune is retrograde, we will be able to access our subconscious and intuition more easily than we would otherwise when this planet is direct. If we don’t take note of our realizations during this time, they might be . . . . . Members can READ THE FULL COLUMN here.

This month’s New Moon occurs on the 23rd at 10:31 P. M. Eastern Standard Time. The first eight hours after the New Moon is exact are the most powerful for wishing, but up to 24 hours afterwards will still work. For the exact best times for writing your wishes, check out within the three days prior to each New Moon.

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