The Astrological Edge for October 2016

by Jan Spiller

Optimism, luck, and motivation combine this month to give our dreams a powerful boost. Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, entered Libra on September 9 and will remain in that sign through October 2017. As this month progresses, Jupiter will be moving closer to its sextile with Saturn, expanding our ability to exercise good judgment in business. With Mars conjoining Pluto in Capricorn this month, we will have the courage to take on the challenges necessary to achieve our goals.

Jupiter in Libra Brings Luck  and Opportunity Through Partnership:
Jupiter in Libra symbolizes luck and opportunity flowing through our partnerships with others. This expression of Jupiter can expand the love in our romantic partnerships, help us attract new friends into our lives, and bring lucrative business deals through networking and teamwork. We’ll be able to find our luck more easily when we focus on fairness in our dealings with others.

Worldwide, we may see examples of successful collaborations in business and world leadership. Mergers and other favorable business partnerships, as well as alliances between nations, could emerge around this time. Jupiter in Libra will lend a cooperative tone that can help to temper some of the more confrontational energies created later in the month when Mars first conjoins Pluto (from the 9th to the 30th, exact on the 19th) and then squares Uranus (in orb from October 20 until November 8, exact on October 28).

While we’ll be supported in teaming up with others to expand our collective visions, we may need to avoid the temptation to overly idealize situations. Jupiter’s optimistic energy can lead to excess in the form of overcommitting or overpromising. We’ll benefit from taking a step back in order to evaluate the goals we share with a partner and to determine what will be the most realistic and effective way forward.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn Brings Good Judgment and Luck to Business Dealings:
Jupiter moves into orb of a favorable sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius this month, as aspect that will become tighter as the month progresses. This aspect can help us to attract the opportunities we desire and make the most of any good luck that comes our way, especially when it comes to business. We could see an upturn in the global economy and some favorable financial news this month. It will be a time when hard work can pay off in our personal lives, and we could be recognized by an authority figure such as a boss or mentor.

We’ll be supported in making sound business decisions and gathering the information necessary to plot our most successful path forward. While opportunities could materialize without much effort on our part, they will definitely require our commitment and hard work.. . . . . . Members can read the Full Column Here.  


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